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  1. I have been looking for a ford focus ST over the past few weeks, i wanted something faster than my current 1.6 focus and didn't fancy another fiesta. i stumbled upon this: It's just in my price range but after checking it at it has flagged up as having mileage issues and displayed this error: Details: The odometer reading reduced by 26009 miles between 27 Aug 2010 and 22 Sep 2011 I am not sure what to do and i had my heart set on this car until seeing that, is it worth asking for more information from the seller and has anyone here seen anything like this before? Or should i move on and find something else? Any advice appreciated, thanks.
  2. Never a dull day when kids are involved!
  3. Yeah same here, I thought it would be better with the big fuss they made about it when it was introduced.
  4. Yup, mostly local runs though, never took it long distance really.
  5. Fair point, I got my fiesta stolen a few years back and when they recovered it the alloys were gone. Top and bottom of it is you don't know where the wheels are from or how dodgy the seller is. Personally I would inspect anything like that carefully before buying.
  6. I had a 2014 1.0L ecoboost (sadly got stolen) but It was very cheap to run and got around 31-34 mpg doing local runs.
  7. Hello, I am new to the ford owners club forum, whilst i am still looking for a ford focus ST i though this would be a good place to fill my head with some knowledge! Thanks
  8. That xray is horrible, but +1 for the comedy value of the video you shared!!