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  1. So, update to my randomly disabling auto-hold. The garage had my car for a week and couldnt replicate the fault. Then they checked the connectors and found there was a slightly loose connection for the system. This runs next to the passenger seat, so if a passenger was in the car and knocked that area, the connection could break and cause the system to disable itself. (thats the jist of it, at least) To me, this makes sense, as it would disable itself more frequently when there was a passenger in the front.
  2. i got the wireless charger for free in my 2019 vignale. Its a waste of time. The new design looks like an improvement and they could probably retrofit that (by the look of it, its just a rubber mat). but really, what is the point. to use Apple carplay/Android auto, your gonna have to plug in your phone anyway.
  3. the collision assist used to beep at me every time i go round a corner and someone is walking on the pavement. I dont know if you can turn it off. but you can reduce the sensitivity and that made a big difference. Also, I think they have stopped the 182 engine in favour of the MHEV 1.0 155PS and the automatics are now the 125 petrol or the 150 diesel. meh
  4. if you dont use the tech, why dont you have a Dacia instead?
  5. page 196 if i remember correctly
  6. The auto hold function is a great feature. Applying the foot brake and holding the car in place without having to keep your foot down (hill or no hill). The parking brake (handbrake) will apply if you switch the engine off if the auto-hold function is enabled or you move it to neutral. If you havent used it, you should try it. Ive never had any delay with it disengaging when i drive off, and im always first off the mark at a junction. The problem, is it will randomly switch itself off. If youre expecting the car to stay put, and it doesnt, thats an issue. Obviously, you can manually apply the parking brake, but if the car is supposed to do something and isnt. thats a fault. To me, it seems as though there are those that dont use it and dont understand the issue, and those that use it, that seem to experience the same issue (random disengaging). Even Ford dont really understand it, and Ive sent pictures and quoted from the manual regarding the auto-hold and get a reply of 'you mean the hill assist'
  7. youre not the only person that confused hill assist and the auto-hold. i had to explain the difference to the 'ford technical specialist' had no idea what i was talking about. Ended up sending a picture with a nice red arrow
  8. I forwarded this info onto ford to support my complaint: I found the following details in the manual page 196 Ford focus owners manual 2019. also found here: I have extracted some important points below: "WARNING: The system turns off if there is a malfunction or if you excessively rev the engine." - It states in the manual, it turns off if there is a 'malfunction' aka fault. It will randomly disable, no malfunction notice is displayed. "The system is designed to apply the brakes to hold your vehicle at a standstill after you stop your vehicle and release the brake pedal. This could be beneficial in certain situations, for example when waiting on a hill or in traffic." - I am using it for this exact purpose, but it malfunctions and does not always apply "The system remembers the last setting when you start your vehicle." - Nope, it does not, not all the time
  9. mine is a manual. I had the same function in a VW before, ever once had to engage the handbrake manually. I do check that it is engaged before i leave the car. but the auto-hold function should automatically engage the parking brake. no mnual action required. just a foot on the break.
  10. Just wanted to jump on this. The autohold on my Focus Vignale has also randomly switched off. I have put in a formal complaint with Ford to reject the car. I dont feel safe with it. It has randomly turned off and I got out of the car and it started to roll. I have a kid too, Im scared in case it fails when she is getting out of the car. The garage cant replicate the fault, as its intermittent,(The car has been in approx 6 times) so Ford are saying there is not enough evidence to support my claim. I am raging! I loved this car, but now i feel like its a ticking time bomb
  11. I think I will mention this to my dealer, thanks. I have a Focus Vignale, got it in July 2019. The handbrake was really bad when I first got it, and always seemed to switch off when the Ford Sync would crash. I then put it in the garage and it was fixed...for a while. A software update/compatibility issue makes sense to me It randomly switched itself off today (again, and its always at the least convenient time) Also had a ping for the Tyre pressure sensor for the back right tyre, saying theres a malfunction. First Ford I have ever had issues with...its a shame, cos the vignale is like driving a yacht.