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  1. hello pal sorry for taking time in getting back to you i found one off ebay from a right off for 37 pound so cant argue will show you a pic once its fitted thanks again for your help
  2. no worries mate thanks anyway.
  3. the engie i have is the 1.6 scti 182ps i had a look in a breakers today and the cut was in a different place ebay it is i think if not ill have to get a normal trim and adapt it.
  4. You wouldn't think so but on a normal focus the exaust is hidden by the defuser but with the titanium x because the exaust tip sticks out it makes it hard to get hold of one.
  5. It's not I was fuming especially when I heard then rip it off I think it was targeted as its the only titanium x of that style around that I've seen, yeah I went to Manchester bcs earlier and he's going to have a look around for me next stop Liverpool.
  6. Hello last night my rear bumper spoiler was ripped off my focus, I've called ford and they've quoted me £422.81 no way am I paying that does anyone have one or no where I can get one I've got various scrapyards looking for me.
  7. I'm m currently at ford in Stockport waiting for my 18S07 - CLUTCH SLIP DETECTION SOFTWARE to be done on my ford focus Titanium X 1.6scti will let you all know what the do as I've heard some horror stories of power loss,the mechanic at ford Stockport says they've had no issues with the recall but we shall see.
  8. Ive finally upgraded my car to the ford focus titanium x 1.6 scti 185ps and my god am i pleased with it im just looking into getting a remap and was hoping theor was any meets or anyone knows of anyone or has had a remap on theirs ?
  9. hello just thought id come on and say hello ive just bought the brand new ford fiesta zetec s
  10. hello guys i have just bought the new ford fiesta zetec s and im looking for more power does anyone no of any parts being sold cheerz simon