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  1. Amazing, lol. This has gone straight onto my YouTube music play list. Thanks Lenny.
  2. I see this is a month old, so you probably have solved this already, but just in case anyone else stumbles across this... I believe that when it says "Autocentres" it is making reference to the workshops where you get your MOT and Service done. I received my card at the weekend and I've already used it in three different stores. The reason it doesn't work online is that they have to enter the discounts by hand at the till. I hope this helps.
  3. Hello, my name is Jon. For ten years, until this weekend past, I had a 2008 Mk2.5 Focus Titanium 2.0TDCi. I've now swapped my black mk2 focus for another black mk2 focus. I am now the proud owner of a MK2 ST225. 2006 with only 49k on the clock and all original (save the stereo) Happy days! Though the alternator did fail two hours after I bought it, I'm sure it'll be lots of fun! I don't know why I never signed up to this group before, but I'm here now and going Premium dude, pre-mi-um!
  4. I've just signed up too. The first purchase I need to make will cover the membership cost, a great deal. 🙂 Of course, I probably should have done this back in 2010 when I got my last Focus
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