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  1. From my experience gents. Car defo needs to be either in neutral or clutch dipped for start/stop to work. Literally coasting to a stop from 4/5mph rather than actually being physically stopped at the lights etc. Obviously a decent battery charge and car not in sport mode for it to work. On the last test drive I got it to stop with climate set to max. My Fiesta will not do that. That would tell me that the 12v 🔋 is suplimented by the 48v 🔋 Update on my car; it's currently parked up at Liverpool transport and will not be released until this airbag fault is rectified. A safety bulletin from Ford indicates that a further announcement will be made from 10-14 days from the 7th. Not ideal. I was hoping to get mine this weekend. If you have yours, I guess you'll get a recall soon enough. So it's me and the ST for a few more days (may be weeks) yet, and there's not a lot of life left in my front tyres. 🤣😁
  2. Think mines on the second carriage bottom right.....😁
  3. @RMB Just wondering how you're getting on with the Puma generally. Are you happy with your decision? I'm looking forward to getting mine. I had a pint with a couple of mates today, whilst watching the rugby I told them I'd changed my car. They were like Brenda from Bristol. "What.... Another one....." 😁😁. When I told them I'd traded for a Puma they had no idea what it is. This new Ford is still well below the radar...
  4. @RMB Understood. I'll try this week and see what happens. Just thinking out loud with regards to the power tailgate.... Does it only work with your foot when the car is locked. Eg. Approaching the car with shopping bags in each hand. Car is locked, key in pocket, stick foot under bumper and up she goes......
  5. That's a great point, well made. 👍😁
  6. It's really not helped by sales staff not being fully aware of everything the car is equipped with and how some of these systems work. Compounded as @RMB says with poor manuals. It's just a case of being curious and playing about. I like to know what everything does. I'll happily get stuck in and find out how stuff works when I sign for the Puma. I remember the dealer ringing me with a couple of questions about my Mk.8 ST so he could help out a prospective customer.... He did tell me that he'd been on a course to test the Puma, but I think it's just a 'jolly boys and girls' outing. 😁😁
  7. I don't recall this happening at all. I reverse parked twice at the dealers in both cars that I tested going straight from first to reverse. Are you letting the clutch pedal up in neutral and the start stop is activating, before depressing the clutch to select reverse? Do you have park assist selected? Is this system activated by a double clutch movement? I did for find that the start stop was keen to switch off the engine with the clutch depressed or neutral selected when rolling to a stop. The car still steers as normal. With previous start stop systems the engine has only cut off when the car is fully stopped. It feels like you are coasting to a stop in a full hybrid or bev car. This new generation of cars seem jam packed with systems that will take some learning to get the best of. I'll get stuck in this week.
  8. @RMBIs there a setting to make the power tailgate open with your foot? I couldn't make it work at the dealers yesterday. Thanks.
  9. I bought a first edition 155 yesterday. Just a few days to wait until it arrives from Dagenham. I have driven the 125 and the 155. The 155 was a plus edition on 19" rims. I was surprised at how supple the ride was on those wheels. I have had 3 Fiesta ST's on the bounce and wanted a bit softer ride and more practicality, in exchange for performance that I rarely used and not feeling every jar and jolt from stiff suspension on our pot hole riddled roads. Pictures of the car don't seem to do it justice. I thought it looked far more proportional when looking at it at the dealers. I found the extra torque of the 155 over the 125 noticeable, the steering light but direct and the gear change spot on with a light clutch action. It's far more comfortable than my fiesta st. It is still a fun drivers car though. You can feel the battery regen when coasting off throttle to hazards etc. I was able to roll to a stop without breaking. Start stop cuts in a lot earlier too. I looked for a battery charge status indication, is there one? You have the regen or boost scrolling gauge. Is that the only indication of hybrid status? Blis works well as does adaptive cruise. It feels planted at motorway speeds and is very quiet. One thing I don't understand is why heated seats and wheel are not included in either two of the top spec first editions. I know this is the comfort pack but why do ford not include this when every other extra is standard. Power tailgate.... I don't know how I've ever managed without one. The load space is flexible and the megabox will be handy for muddy walking gear. I also like how the flexible parcel shelf is attached to the boot lid. Hopefully I'll be on the road by the end of the week. Be safe in these strong winds.