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  1. New car to me bought for wife after her car failed the MOT (well NCT in Ireland) . Its a 07 Fusion with a 1.4 Duratec engine. Very good condition and low milage (less than 75k). It was driving fine but timing belt hasn't been done in 13 years so I said it had to be done. Of course my wife said I hope it won't mess it up. Back from the timing belt change and everything is fine but the engine sort of stutters a bit which is random and worse at speed. Mechanic says plug leads are notorious on those for cause problems if they are moved and replacing them will fix it. Can anyone confirm issues with the plug leads - they may not have been touched previously for 13 years. I'll replace them and the plugs while I'm at it but anyone know if they are a know issue?
  2. I've always carried some tools with me and on the last two cars I've had I've cut the number down so I just have the bare minimum (and maybe a few extra 🙄). So couple of questions do others carry tools with them and if so what do you carry? This is only focus specific in that I'm trying to tailor what I'm carrying to fit a 2010 focus hatchback which has much less room in the back than my old Saloon car. I've already jettisoned a 1/2 inch socket set but am keeping a much lighter smaller 3/8 inch Bahco set that covers most needs. Theres an assortment of spanners (I'll sort through and take out sizes I don't really need) a small screwdriver set (also covers hex head and smaller sockets) the ubiquitous mole grips, a lump hammer and one of those extending wheel brace tools that I've had for years and actually works. All that lot and more stuff (HiViz, first aid kit, radweld, tyreweld, pump etc) is fitted under the carpet in the boot and that area is just about filled up. The trouble is I'm already thinking about putting the 1/2 inch socket set back in the boot but I know from experience I only really need the ratchet an extension and 3 maybe 4 of the larger sockets, but which ones? I must have at least 2 dozen 1/2 inch sockets that have traveled over a hundred thousand miles and never been used.
  3. I've never pressure washed a car LOL - well not in the last 20 years. If I do buy that type of foam chances are I'll end up with enough to do the car a dozen times so replacing it occasionally won't cost anymore.
  4. The plan wasn't to use the weather strip as any form of seal. Hopefully i don't have any problem with the actual seals. The plan is to fill the gap that collects water when its raining by pushing something like foam strip into the gap at the bottom of the window. If the water can't collect there it can't end up in the boot when you open the hatchback and gravity shifts it. The water that collects in the area in your picture doesn't get in under the seal in that area, not on my car anyway.
  5. I'm not sure what size I need but this is the sort of thing I was thinking of pushing into that gap, 6m O Shaped Car Window Tailgate Weatherstrip Rubber Edge Filler Seal Strip Black .
  6. Its the sides the water runs down but it seems to be that it collects in the gap at the bottom of the window so filling that gap up might solve the problem. I did wonder if the problem was unique to my old 2010 focus (new to me) and if the rear window had been replaced as I spotted a bit of over spray possibly from a respray on the black trim. However on further inspection I can't find any evidence of a respray.
  7. We'll sorry lads but I'm glad its not just me. I did have an idea of filling the area at the bottom of the window with black silicon but I'll take a look instead to see if I can find some black trim that will do the same thing. There's a black rubber used for greenhouse glazing that might just do the job. Its just a space that needs filling so the water can't fill it.
  8. Maybe this has been answered somewhere else but on a Mk2.5 is there anyway to stop the water that collects around the rear window from being dumped of the side from the window when the boot is opened? Water collects in the gap between the hatchback and the bottom of the window, gravity does the rest when I open the hatchback. Most of the water doesn't get into the boot but even if their is no wind some of it ends up in the boot and if its windy then a hole load can get dumped in the boot.
  9. If I try the tyre weld and that doesn't work anyone know how easy it is to remove if it doesn't work so I can then try an inner tube? As it is the tyres will probably out last the car.
  10. Still not finished the job, its either too cold too wet or windy to work outside atm + I couldn't find the massive cache of connectors I have somewhere left over from some work I did years back. I did feed the cable back through the grommet for the reversing light. For anyone else wanting to do this I made a small second hole by cutting a small cross in the grommet about half way in from the side. The grommet of course came out when I tried to push the cable through but that just made the job easier and the grommet goes back in easily. I might fill it with some black high temperature silicon gasket sealer I have left over from a Honda lawn tractor engine repair.
  11. Can you still do that? I can remember years back when that was the answer to a lot of problems but didn't think you could do it on alloy wheels?
  12. This had crossed my mind there is even a can of Tyre Weld in the boot ready to try, however I was just thinking of putting a small amount in, but wondered if the would be enough to coat the alloy. My guess was it would be thrown out and coat the tyre? Still up there on the list of options.
  13. I took a good look at the rim when they took the old tyre off it looked to be good and clean because I mentioned it going down they used some sealer on it. Still no difference. Valve was replaced.
  14. Thats another way of saying very slow leak. Its just one alloy on my wifes very old Focus. Over a week it looses about 10psi. The tyre has been changed and it still does it. No obvious damage to the alloy. The tyre place I use say some old alloys just go like that. Anyone else had the same problem or found a fix?
  15. Wifes Mk1 has a full size tyre in the well rubber on metal with a thin surround to make up the height in the boot so wondered if there was a similar option on the Mk2? Don't see the problem of rubber against the metal of the car especially as the manufacturer can always put a layer of the thick sealer down in the well. The massive thickness of the foam under the standard tyre for the option I have really is taking the p!ss unless you want a load of hidden awkward to get to storage under the boot carpet.