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  1. Indicators

    I use the remote key fob. Two presses does dead lock it and gives one flash,unlocking does not flash at all ?
  2. Indicators

    I have a Fusion 3 on a 52 plate. When i lock the car the indicators flash once to confirm locking. However when i unlock the car the indicators do nothing. Question is -- Should they flash to confirm unlocking of the car ? If so anyone know why mine don't,or a way to make them flash,or will something need replacing ?
  3. A/c Or Not ?

    Thanks for the replies guys. A quick trip to a local garage and £47 sorted it out. I now have ice cold air conditioning.
  4. A/c Or Not ?

    Thanks for the replies guys,i guess my next port of call is a garage to,possibly,have it re-gassed. As i could see no obvious compressor pulley i began to think the AC may have been removed to save expense by the previous owner,i did find a rather bulbous cannister type of thing in the right hand wheel well though,never seen one before,perhaps it's part of the AC ? I will find out soon when i take it in . Thanks again.
  5. A/c Or Not ?

    This may seem a trivial question but how do i know if i have air conditioning fitted in my Fusion 3 ? I have a button on the dash marked "AC" but pressing it only lights it up with no noticeable reduction in air temp from the vents,even with the temp dial all the way over to blue and the fan speed on any setting.There is also a button with a picture of a car on it and a circular arrow,i assume this is for recirculating the air in the car,which is not what i'm trying to acheive.Anyone know of a way to know for sure if AC is fitted ? Thanks in advance. P.S I bought the car second hand and it did not have the owners handbook with it and i have no other manuals in order to check.
  6. Fusion 3 headlight bulbs.

    Thanks for the info Skyman114. I did remove the three screws you mentioned but it seemed like something else was holding the enclosure,which i could not find.I will try again though,when the daylight returns lol. Once again,many thanks.
  7. Fusion 3 headlight bulbs.

    I have a problem which is niggling away at me that i hope someone may be able to help me with. I am trying to change the standard headlight bulbs for super brights as i can see much clearer at night using them.I had them in my old car,which were very easy to fit. Problem is i can't for the life of me figure out how to get into the back of the light enclosure to release the spring clips in order to remove the old bulbs.It would be a very easy job if i had hands the size of a baby,but alas i don't.I did attempt to remove the whole light enclosure,after removing the three securing screws the enclosure refuses to budge. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated,all except for taking the car to my local ford dealer as i refuse to be ripped off by them. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all.

    Hi to all members of the ford owners club. Came across this site by chance whilst trying to find a solution to a problem i have,which i will post in the relevant section. Hopefully i'll be able to help someone along the line instead of just taking advice from you all.