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  1. Well, its been in, (and I didnt receive a courtesy car, surprise surprise!), once I mentioned that my rear lights had been replced due to condensation the mechanics immediately pounced on to this! Apparently they felt that water may be coming in behind the rear lights and so applied some sealant. Apparently it was on the water test for over an hour and seems ok, but you can never really tell until its been on the road for a few wet days! So I'l see how it goes..... Not holding my breath though! So far I've owned my ford for 2 months and its been in the garage 4 times! For.... -Replacing condensed rear lights -Brake hose vac replacement and ecu update -Blown fuse on wipers -Rear boot leak Cheers Ford........
  2. Mines got a leak aswell :( Its going into the bodyshop on wednesday to get looked at, my warranty ran out last week but as I reported it before then they're still going to look at it? The carpet was soaked in the rear drivers side and when I lifted the carpet, theres about an inch of water in the spare wheel well! Im not holding up much hope for it getting fixed though after reading through some posts. My fiesta went into the garage a few weeks ago to have the rear lights replaced due to a build up of condenstion. Does anybody think this is related?
  3. I've got the same problem with my new Fiesta. I noticed when changing the rear speakers that the carpet in the boot in the back right corner was completely soaked through, when I lifted the cover, my spare wheel well has filled with about 1inch of water!!! :o Its visiting Ford tomorrow.....I'l keep you updated as to how it goes!! ;)
  4. Hey, I'm currently in the process of doing this too, and i'm stuck! I've managed to pop the rear panel along the top and the left hand side, (I had to remove the cover for the wiring loom which runs alongside the door. It seems to be secured in the middle and near the bottom. This link http://www.fiestaownersclub.com/viewtopic....e467f2b0de2703d shows how to remove the mk6 rear panel. By the looks of it, might be quite similar. I think you may have to remove the seat bar and if you wish, unscrew the top half of the rear seat (to give you more space). I havent had a proper look yet, comparing this link to the mk7, but if anybody does get the chance, or knows how to remove the rear panels, I would also appreciate finding out how to do it!! You had any luck so far Speedy?