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  1. Hi guys, still trying to chase this non start issue on a 2009 2.0 tdci. After having p0087/p0088/p0088 faults come up I've replaced the fuel filter as a first port of call. This hasn't solved it but my scanner is showing more than it did before. I had no pressure at all when cranking last time but now i have a very very low average 16-19psi. How can I tell if I have a faulty rail pressure switch or bad hp pump? Thanks guys
  2. Hi all i hope you can help, my mondeo mk4 2.0D is completely refusing to start. A few weeks ago it started randomly cutting out and after a short period (15-20mins) would start again then a week ago it competely died and wouldnt have a bar of it. Ive had an AA engineers report stating fault codes showing P0087 Rail pressure too low P0088 Rail pressure too high P0089 Rail pressure outside specified range P0101 Air mass sensor (think this could be a historic one) He mentioned it refused to fire on easy start but cambelt was turning and still tensioned. I have investigated furthur, when cranking there is absolutly nothing reaching the high pressure rail, just a dribble (Im not sure if this is normal and a valve is not allowing pressure though). Absolutly nothing showing on live data for rail pressure and a cranking speed of 280rpm average which should be plenty. Where do i go from here guys, really need to get to the bottom of this for them. Any help appreciated guys