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  1. Cup Holders

    Sorry for reviving this post. I have a 5dr 2003 Focus and has been thinking if there should be some sort of cup holder or compartment mount in the rear centre console (gear knob & handbrake)? When I bought this car the front cup holder rubber mount was missing so I guess something from the back was taken away too. Any help will be much appreciated!
  2. Service Costs

    Just had my service done, changed front L & R brake pads. £200 for those. Service was £99. This is my first time owning Ford so I didn't know what to expect from them. Does the cost of the whole thing seem too expensive to you guys??
  3. Foot Pedals

    Thanks for the instructions. Very useful indeed. Only thing I don't have is a wooden block, might try to find a plastic box or something. How long does it take to do all three pedals? 1-2 hrs?
  4. Headlights Slightly Dim With Screen Heater On

    Would that be the same for reving? For example I've pulled up and ready to parallel park and when I put the gear into reverse and start to move (a little acceleration) the headlights starts to flicker.
  5. Foot Pedals

    Thanks everybody. Yeah I think it's 50mm. The heads up about the masking tape is bril! Never thought of that. Planning to do it this sat if the weather is fine. I think the existing pedals are metal so shall I just drill straight through without starting small and then going up in size to reach desire hole circumference?
  6. Foot Pedals

    Oh no I haven't fitted them yet because I thought the pedals on my car are not original and probably slightly faulty but I've done some research just now and I think they are ok. I found a website that gives a rough guide on how to install new pedals. Just simply mark where the screw goes on the existing pedal and drill it. I'll have to remove the rubber grips, they are useless anyway I have slipped on the clutch and brake pedals over the wet winter.
  7. Foot Pedals

    I have a 53 plate zetec and always thought the foot pedals were a bit odd. They are all different sizes, with the accelerating pedal being the smallest (the size is smaller than a packet of 10 cigarette). When I inspected the accelerating pedal it seemed a bit wobbly where it joins into the engine bay. All three pedals have no grip even though they have rubber covers. I have bought a set of foot pedal plates to attach to the existing ones but I'm just wondering if my pedals are orginal to start with.
  8. Dash Lighting advice

    That depends if I'm about to start a family :P But atm I quite like the Seat Ibiza Eco and the Golf GT Bluemotion. I even wouldn't mind one of those Volvo c30 ;)
  9. Dash Lighting advice

    my new stereo has green backlight so it'll be odd for me to change anything to blue... ah well. Thinking of changing my car in 3 years time anyway. Nice lil website btw B)
  10. Dash Lighting advice

    Agree. Though it is possible, but with a lot of work involved. I want to change mine too but don't think it's worth the hassle.
  11. Dashboard fault?

    Yeah that's what I plan to do if it happens again. Definitely kick up a big fuss.
  12. Dashboard fault?

    Update I finally had a chance to fix this fault with my own car. Even though today is a crappy day to work with my car I still went ahead because I am free today. Taking out the panel that secures the cluster was a pain in the a*s! End up scratching the cluster window a little bit. Patience is the key, as I had to pull it left and then right and yank a bit out here and there. Once I have gotten that out and taken the screws off the cluster unit I had to tilt it down a little and swing it to the right so that I can reach the connector. Once again taking the connector off was a b*tch since I had little room and light to work with. In the end I managed to depress a button in the middle and flip the black bracket to the left which helps release the connection. I used a very soft clean brush and cleared some specks of rust or burnt marks off a few soldered points on the PCB. Then I sprayed it with PCB cleaner and used a lint free cloth to gently wipe the whole thing. Honestly I didn't see much dirt or flux on the PCB but I thought since I went through so much effort to get the damn thing out I might as well wipe it clean. It took me 5 mins to put the thing back in and started the engine. Voila! It worked. The tripmeter was reset but it doesn't bother me. But I did notice the speedo still wasn't working that well during low speed. So I warmed up the engine and turn on the hot fan to medium and drove for 5 mins. Then the speedo started to work properly again. I have a feeling its the moisture that is !Removed! up the PCB. But if this happens again and again I will definitely take it to Ford and get a new replacement as I don't think I can be bothered with doing the whole job again.
  13. Your Focus tyres of choice

    Switching from Summer to Winter tyres is definitely a good practice and can only do good for the car and passengers. Only if I had my own garage or front parking then changing them for the seasons would be no problem, I park on the road :(
  14. roof lining

    Yeah I see the attraction with the black and red. I thought about the white, my focus is not a luxury car so no point in having white interiors and white leathers, it does look stupid. Definitely tint my rear windows! Is tinting front windows now illegal?
  15. Your Focus tyres of choice

    This got me thinking. Wouldn't the difference be very minor? At the end of the day all four wheels are making contact to the ground but each contact is independent of another.