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  1. St line x FE 155. Going to see dealer in morning though. Quite a big panel gap on the front passenger side wheel arch
  2. Picking mine up at lunchtime today πŸ‘πŸ‘ original delivery date was first wk in Feb. It got pushed back to the 22nd Feb so said I'd wait and get it on a 20 plate πŸ‘
  3. It is attached to the tailgate so it's not in the way when loading the boot. It is made of soft fabric so it can mould to the shape of whatever is in the boot if you have tall items.
  4. I've always used 97. Had Ford's for 10 years now. Does it make a difference? Who knows but the amount of mileage I do (2 full tanks a month) it costs me about a tenner a month more in fuel which is neither here nor there.
  5. Yep but there is a 72 hour lead time for delivery of parts I believe
  6. Ford UK has confirmed that the new Puma crossover will be recalled, and deliveries have been halted, due to a potential airbag component problem. Ford's statement reads: "A number of Puma vehicles have been built with driver’s airbag retention springs that may be outside of Ford Motor Company manufacturing specification. "Under certain conditions, it is possible that the airbag is not retained in the steering wheel after it has been deployed.The performance of the airbag in case of an accident with airbag deployment will still meet regulatory requirements and provides sufficient protection for the driver. "Ford has issued a sales hold of all affected vehicles in dealer stock and will immediately exchange the airbag retention spring. A safety recall of all affected vehicles with customers will follow immediately."
  7. A fix has been issued and it's a replacement part. Parts are on order for cars and should be resolved in next 72-96 hours.
  8. Quote from another forum posted 15 minutes ago. I personally am not that technically gifted when it comes to cars, just passing on the info. "I've just had a phone call from my dealer stating I won't be able to collect my Puma tomorrow as planned due to the airbag issue. He didn't give me a time frame for the fix but mentioned a potentially spring issue with the drivers airbag"
  9. Autocorrect in full force but thank you for the helpful comment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. It's the settings for the spring tension in the software. So I've been told anyway
  11. I've spoken to my dealer today and there is a software issue relating to the setting of when the airbags deploy in an accident. Ford are working on an update which my dealer has been advised will take between 10 and 14 days to roll out. Only certain VIN numbers are affected and the service centres have this list so contact your dealer to see if you are effected. I'm taking delivery on the 1st March so it shouldn't effect me but if you are taking delivery in the next two weeks it may push it back until it is resolved.
  12. Wasn't just the Puma, They were stockpiling all models just in case there was a 'no-deal' and tariffs kicked in. They had been for 6 months. I ordered mine at the beginning of December and picking up on 1st March on a 20 plate. My delay is due to them manufacturing all the retail pre ordered 125ps before starting on the 155ps and I wanted to wait for the 20 plate (actual delivery is 23rd Feb into dealer), depreciation and all that. Interesting video here though...