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  1. Hi Botus Thanks for the reply! As said in last post all works now ive swapped the thermostat housing (my first ever proper mechanic job!) Just took a second trip in the car for the thermostat to kick in?!? Car was running right but fuel consumption was terrible (got about 300 miles out of a tank!) and the blowers never got hot Today i actually had to turn the heaters down! Off to Devon tomorrow which is about 130 miles so get to see what the fuel consumption is like now Fingers crossed its better than what it was!
  2. Hello and thanks for the replies! Im happy to report that the engine is now heating up when i drive!! Went out this morning and to my surprise the gauge started going up after about 5 mins of driving! Got to just under the 90 mark and stayed there Maybe it takes 2 trips for the car to realise that the thermostat has been swapped!?! Im extra chuffed as swapping the thermostat is the first real mechanicy thing ive ever done! Not too many problems left to sort out now... Thanks again everybody!!!!!
  3. Hello and thanks for reading! I have a 2005 1.6 ti vct mk2 focus The problem im having is that the engine never heats up whilst driving Did a 110 mile drive last week and the temp gauge never moved whilst doing 70 (ish!) It wasnt until i hit a bit of traffic and slowed down that the temp gauge moved up but not by much Left the car running the next day and after 5 - 10 mins the gauge was up to just under the 90 mark Found people online who had had the same problem and fixed it by swapping the thermostat (thermostat had stuck open so coolant was constantly flowing stopping the engine from getting warm) This seemed to be the problem with mine as the pipe from the coolant reservoir was getting warm after only a few minutes of running the engine Did a previous post on here about just swapping the thermostat but yesterday i bit the bullet and swapped the whole thermostat housing The 2 plastic clips that hold the thermostat spring in place had both snapped off so i figured that was causing the issue and would be fixed by the new thermostat But last night i went for a drive up the motorway and once again the temp gauge never moved Got home and left the car running and once again after 5 - 10 mins the gauge was up to just under the 90 mark So what else keeps the engine cold other than the thermostat? Thanks in advance for any help given!
  4. Hey and thanks for your reply! Not seen any electrically heated thermostats in all my searching Seems to be just the one for my engine Have now managed to find one on ebay for £30 so for that price i may as well swap the whole thing! Been away for a few days but tomorrow im gona test my thermostat one more time before buying a new one Did test before i went away Let the car sit with the engine running just to see what happens The pipe coming from the thermostat got warm almost straight away and it took about 15mins for the temp gauge to get to 90 so it does look like its the thermostat stuck open Will test again in the morn and will time how long before thermostat pipe gets warm although its def way before the engine has warmed up so once again it looks like a stuck open thermostat?!?
  5. Unfortunately ive the 1.6 ti engine Pain to work on and the bits cost more! Although did you replace the whole thermostat housing or just the thermostat itself?!? On their own theyre cheap... the whole housing isnt!!
  6. I might do this and TomFocus blocking half the fan with cardboard idea... saves me getting out to remove it if the engine gets too hot!
  7. To be honest i dont know?!? Ill have to check the workshop manual!
  8. Ha! like most thats something i used top do years ago Works extremely well if i remember!!
  9. Hi I had the same problem with time on radio and dash lcd display not shutting off for ages after id locked my car (2005 mk2 focus) What fixed mine is simply putting the steering lock on! Now both time and dash display turns off in under a minute Hope this works for you if youve still got this problem
  10. Liking the sound of this.. I do like my easy fixes! Im guessing that by blocking off half the rad it makes the engine warm up more?!?
  11. Thank you for this!! Gona check it out right now!!
  12. Ha! No mate Uve not destroyed my post! Grateful for the reply! N thats how im looking at it... if it fails the MOT n i end up scrapping it ill get bout £120 which means ive only paid £180 for 3 months driving! Def cant hire a car for that!!
  13. Thanks mate! Gota say im impressed with my car Its got auto dimming rear view mirror, auto lights n wipers and cruise control... and they all work! Plus it came with 3 months MOT Best £300 i think ive ever spent!!
  14. Hello and thanks for reading! Got myself a 2005 1.6 ti vct petrol mk2 focus last week and am slowly sorting out all the problems that have come with it! Only paid £300 with only 97000 miles on the clock so am still happy with it especially as ive already sorted most of the problems out myself So far ive found and sorted the leak (car was full of water when i got it, interior carpet in shed drying out as we speak!) replaced the boot handle, got the blowers working, got the time on the clock to finally stay right, manged to get the time and dash to turn off once the car is locked and found why the spark plug area always had water in it (leaking windscreen washers!) My latest project is to try and sort the temp gauge / thermostat... The temp gauge hasnt moved at all since i got the car so was thinking it was just the coolant temp sensor i needed to replace That was until i did a 220 mile round trip for work yesterday... As usual the gauge didnt move at all UNTIL i hit traffic Had been doing a nice 70 (ish!) mph up the motorway for nearly an hour with the gauge not moving but then once i slowed down i noticed the gauge moved up until almost the first line After a bit of googling it looks like the thermostat is stuck open So my question is would you just replace the thermostat and keep the sensor / housing or replace the whole lot? As ive the ti vct engine the complete housing is quite expensive (nearly double than if it was a normal mk2 focus engine) but the thermostat by itself is only a few £s And where is it on my engine? Can find many youtube videos for normal mk2s but not so many for the ti vct engine The closest i can find which hopefully is right is this (mine is also a 2005 ghia) Although in the video he removes quite a bit to get to the thermostat in the comments someone says all you need to remove is the headlight and he agrees (was the first time hed ever done this when he made the vid) so hopefully not too bad a job if this is right for my engine?!? Anyways once again thanks for reading and any help given!!! Matt