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  1. I was wanting to change my oil and filter never done it before how easy is it to do and can I reuse the plug its a 2009 diesel
  2. I too disconnected the battery, but I was hoovering under the seats and I must have unplugged the seat air bag one as the air bag lights was on the dash, I just plugged it back in with the engine off and keys removed, nothing popped
  3. Might be a blockage poke a pin in it see if it does anything
  4. casuk


    That's what the tyre fitter done he said he hates them and the ones on land rovers especially, raging about that tyre looks brand new aswel
  5. casuk


    I didnt want to force it so brought it down to a tyre fitter and give him a tenner to swap the wheel over and he even swapped a lug nut for one in beter condition, no more wobble,I now feel a lot more confident in driving to Loch lomond tomorrow, that tyre city are robbing b*****s
  6. casuk


    Cheers mate im going to give it a try
  7. casuk


    Yeah was my first though lol I didnt want to do that then I couldn't get it back on, think ill just try that anyway
  8. casuk


    It seems fine except the wobble in the steering I have another wheel with a good tyre on it but I can get the lug nut off its chewed, think I'll take it down get a tyre fitted for the run on monday and then into the garage on wed
  9. casuk


    Hi all, i have a slight wobble on my steering wheel at low speeds around 20/40mph goes away at a higher speed, i took it to a garage (tyre city) as I was driving by, once it was on the lift he showed me that the tyre is not 100% round there is a slightly higher point as the wheel turns, he said I need a new tyre and also said I need the tie rod replaced too, i seen the tyre has a higher point and low point as it turned, I'm just wondering if its safe to drive on as cant get it booked in untill wed and need to do a long run tomorrow morning, plus that same garage tried to charge me £400 for a new dpf when it was an egr valve I needed,
  10. Im not sure was the guy who done the camera, he was at it for around 2 hours, saying its a loose wire I'm sure if it, but it turned out to be the trigger switch, jump down the scrappy and see if you can pick one up for a few £ and try it, will rule it out if it not the issue
  11. I put titanium x leather seats in my 2009 and there quite comfortable, the older seats felt more cushioned tho
  12. Had the exact same issue not so long ago and it turned out to be the reverse trigger switch. replaced and it's all working again, the car audio guy who was installing the reverse camera was at it for ages trying to figure it out doing similar to you but in the end it was the switch, it's been fine since
  13. Mine was infact a mechanical fault,, happened while starter was replaced all fixed now
  14. I have that light too and now my car is underpowered, garage cant find a problem even tho it happened after a starter replacement from that garage
  15. Spray some wd in there and give the mechanism a move around spray some more see if it loosens it up