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  1. Indeed! 😁😁 They also did the slave cylinder, no idea if that's standard practice when replacing the clutch?
  2. The dealer had the car back on saturday and gave me a loan car to use. I collected it this morning, gearbox, clutch and reversing switch all done and didn't cost me a penny. May be a while before I stop listening for any noise but I'm glad to have her back 😁😁
  3. Up to now it's been whining from about 3rd gear and getting worse as I increase speed. Some days its unbearably loud then it seems to drop off to a faint whine in the background before building back up again. Then 2 days ago I noticed a whirring noise that stops when the clutch pedal is pressed and this morning was a grinding noise in first gear until the engine warmed up then it went back to a faint whine. I also get a slight grinding noise as I slow down for junctions/roundabouts/traffic lights. It's not consistently bad but the bad parts are getting worse. This morning it felt sticky/soft going into gear which was new. Hope that makes sense, not sure how else to describe it? I know these forums pop up in google searches so hopefully it will help someone searching for the same problem. This is the whine tuesday morning 9 miles into my journey to work. I was in 4th gear just slowing down into a 30mph stretch. Bearing in mind the background noise you can probably imagine how loud this was inside the car This is the whirring in neutral, it's not as noticeable until I press the clutch and you hear it cut off. Excuse the state of the footwell, the rest of the car is clean 🤣
  4. Dealer has confirmed via email that they will also do the clutch as "good practice and a gesture of goodwill" plus the reversing switch. I'm now waiting for them to tell me when I can return it and hope that it lasts long enough to get me there. 😁😁
  5. They have said bearings and looking online with the noise it's making this would seem most likely. I don't know any mechanics that would strip and repair a failed gearbox, it seems to be a specialist job. I emailed the dealer earlier and put a rocket up them. They've now replied saying they're sourcing a reconditioned box and they want me to return the car to them for repair. They will provide a courtesy car. This morning on my way to work it was sticky on gear selection and the clutch slipped for the first time although it was better once it warmed up and I have told them about this. Can I insist the clutch is done too? Do I have to drive it back to them bearing in mind its 70 miles with a dodgy gearbox? Or can I insist they come and collect it 🤷‍♀️
  6. I told the dealer yesterday that they were responsible for the repair. They very quietly replied "yes I know". I also made it very clear to them that I would not be having the gearbox dismantled or providing photos of failed parts. He tried to suggest that garages replace gearboxes unnecessarily when sometimes it's only certain parts that have failed. Then went very quiet when I told him the nearest gearbox specialist is 60 miles away and I would not be taking it there. The car is currently driveable but they cannot give a timescale on how long for, it could last weeks or it could completely fail today. I have video of the noise the box is making when driven and also noise in the engine in neutral. The garage watched then test drove the vehicle for 20 minutes. I'm satisfied that the diagnosis is correct. I will be telling them today that I am not interested in the warranty terms as they do not apply. I'm not sure if they think because I am a woman that I must be a clueless pushover but if that's the case they will be very disappointed. I wouldn't have lasted 18 years in my current profession by being a soft touch and crumbling at every obstacle. 😉😉
  7. They've quoted £633 + VAT for a reconditioned gearbox, clutch kit is £298 + VAT. The old box has to be returned to the company supplying the reconditioned one or the price increases by another £300. Yesterday the warranty company were asking if it had been dismantled as they wanted photos of failed parts along with the old box returned to them. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  8. Yep that's my thinking too. That's why I would rather have it repaired and keep it 😁😁
  9. It's a 3 month warranty. I'm not planning on paying anything so will battle if I have to although I could do without that. I haven't involved the finance company yet as that would be a last resort. I'm just hoping the dealer will do right and sort it out without too much hassle. I love the car though so I am a bit gutted 😔
  10. Thanks guys. I know the dealer is responsible for the repair but they've referred my garage to the warranty company so I'm just waiting to see what they say. I would rather do what they advise and change the clutch too, I know they're not scam artists and trust them not to be conning me. It's the only garage I've used that charged me less than they quoted for a job because it didnt take them as long as they thought. They did agree the car seems otherwise sound and is lovely and smooth to drive and I would definitely rather have it repaired and keep it.
  11. I had my car into the garage this morning to investigate the whining I mentioned in a previous post. They've told me the gearbox needs replacing and advised the clutch is done at the same time, total cost £1522. Gutted. I've been on to the dealer I bought it from 5 weeks ago and they've told my garage the warranty will cover it. My warranty certificate states a claim limit of £500 so now I am just waiting to find out what happens next. If they agree to pay I'm wondering if they may not agree to the clutch replacement as it's the gearbox at fault? Does the clutch have to be replaced at the same time? 🤔🤔
  12. I have the 105 version but the quoted mpg is the same. Coming from a diesel has been an adjustment but I average 49/51mpg on my commute to work, 30 miles each way with a 50/50 mix of motorway/DC and A/B roads. Highest I've got was 58mpg but that was just after I filled up and mostly on motorway. I think the quoted 60mpg for motorway is achievable (for me at least) on a longer journey, I will be testing that in may as I'm travelling up to Cumbria. However, I am a lorry driver so my style of driving will probably be very different to yours. I have noticed on shorter journeys it will drop but I haven't got less than 48 so far so from my perspective yours seems low. Six months after I got my last car (2010 diesel kia ceed) I had a problem with rough idling and smoking on start up combined with a drop in mpg. Turned out the car had never been serviced before I collected it and the mechanic I took it to suspected the fuel filter had not been changed for years if ever. Once that was all done things improved greatly.
  13. Would it not make a noise right from where I start off? When stationary if I press the clutch I cant hear anything, it's only when moving and worse at speed, it's also really irritating. I don't rest on the clutch when I'm driving so no worries there. 🙂
  14. Yesterday on my way to work I noticed a noise. It sounds almost like wind whistling on the left hand side of the car. If I push the clutch down it stops. If I knock the car into neutral it stops. If I take my foot off the accelerator sometimes it will stop, or it will lessen but it always comes back again. You can just about hear it in the video link. This was on my way home with the windows closed and it is louder when you're actually in the car. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing it? The car had new front pads and discs before I bought it and the brakes do squeak slightly when I stop. It doesn't happen when stationary ticking over and it's more noticeable the faster I go, you can just about hear it at lower speeds although I'm obviously listening for it now. Sorry, forgot to add, it's the focus 1.6 zetec 2012 🤦‍♀️
  15. Thankyou. I thought that would be it but wasnt sure if there may be something else I was missing 🙂🙂🙂