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  1. Hi, everyone. I'm just about to start on replacing the rear brake pads, which are worn down to MoT advisory level after only 36000 miles (!). Obviously, with no workshop manual available most of my preparation has been from the Net. Some people seem to think that I need to be able to wind the pistons back into the cylinders with a special tool, but it's not clear whether that applied to cars with the dreaded electric parking brake. I don't want to spend a lot on special tools which I k=might use twice! Can anyone clarify this situation? Thanks (I hope).
  2. Towbar Wiring

    Hi, Stu, and welcome. Yes, you can take a tap from the rear 12V socket -I've done that on mine (with a Witter bar), and it works OK. Don't know about how the wiring runs, though - I had a wiring kit, and I just plugged in as instructed. If you do get any luck with the wiring diagrams, I'd appreciate a copy, a link, or an email address - I want to do lots of wiring jobs, and I'm stuck from lack of info. JP
  3. 2.0 diesel known problems

    But how do I know if I've got a DPF? The handbook is ridiculously vague in this area.
  4. SMAX Spare wheel

    Well, that's what I'm hoping to do with mine (I bought a cheap S-Max alloy from ebay) - how does the fixing business work?
  5. Detachable tow bars

    Hi, Mach1 - is that your top speed or just cruising? I've just got a 2.0 TDCi and put a Witter detachable on it so I could take the caravan away for New Year. It's almost invisible with the ball off and the socket swung up, and it feels rock solid. Easy to fit, too (even in near-freezing weather!), but I haven't got round to putting in the proper frig wiring yet, 'cos I haven't worked out the routing - can anyone help me on that?
  6. Hi to all!

    Just joined this forum (S-Max branch) after changing to my son-in-law's ex-lease S-Max Titanium 2.0 TDCi (from an elderly but excellent Omega MV6). So far so good, but in this weather who can tell what a car's really like?