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  1. When This Appears - It's Bye Bye Fiesta...

    Only 15 for the northern ford region... need to get my orders in quick, any one want one!!! pm me your name adderess and telephone number and ford will contact you directly. I'm based in grimsby but I'm sure it'd be worth the trip!!!! Got one order already but still nothing is promised yet!!! Went out in a white RS yesterday and cannot describe how much I love the noises it makes, however BMW drivers just don't like them!!! cutting me up...
  2. New Ford Sales Campaign

    Until Ford announce the super discounts on the old models due april!!! they'll be well cheap, good job as we've got a few!! :P
  3. 2010 Fiesta St

    Erm, the mk6 Zetec S cosmetically only differed from the ST in 17" alloys, side skirts and black bumpstrips, so the ST if she ever arrives with probably only be larger alloys and a bigger spoiler than the mk7 Zetec S. there's still no official news on the Ford front yet, no red tops out yet. S1600's will be landing next month though, bagsy a blue one!!! I think we'll all have to put up with the auto express nonsense rumour mill for a bit longer...
  4. Erm Ford Fiesta Graphics???

    hehe I'm ready to be shot down in flames.... but they aint that bad!!! (says he who has stickers already..) Depends which ones you choose I suppose, the skyscrapers are a bit much but each to their own.
  5. Ka Mk2 Ipod Connectivity

    Just use the usb lead that you connect the ipod to the pc with, and then press cd until the music starts playing. the track names will come up on the trip computer screen if its a Zetec I think. Not had many in work as BT & usb became constrained for ages... Not anywhere near as good as the rest of the Ford usb systems... that's what we get for getting into bed with bloomin Fiat!!!!
  6. Start Button

    You have to have the keys in the car to start it don't worry... even when a customer is in the car trying to start it and i have the keys in my pocket it won't work...
  7. My Car Is Started To Fall Apart! Xd

    I've kept the Fiesta badge, but got rid of the Zetec S one as I hate the way the badges are lower than the fiesta one on the other side of the boot, they should be level like on the old fiesta. Just ZS120 sticker in place of it now.
  8. 12 Hours To Go!

    Looks nice, bet it was cheap as pre oct build. Any options on it?
  9. Recommended Ford Dealer?

    Me hehe!!!
  10. That seems like a good price to me!! 1.6tdci 5dr's with all the kit are very pricey, but worth it... we got to stop quoting what we bought our cars for last year as it doesn't even come into the same ball park of how much the prices are now!!! But 120,000 sold last year shows people are not bothered... I've got 4 of the S1600's on order 1 white 3 blue anyone want one??? :)
  11. New Owner, New Member

    Not all Ford dealerships... only those who chose to set up working with Mountune.
  12. 16" Alloys For The Zetec S 17" Alloy Wheels

    Then like FMC said you be paying from parts prices, as your not giving them anything in return you'd have to give up your 16's or there would be no point. I'd charge 400 for it probably.
  13. 16" Alloys For The Zetec S 17" Alloy Wheels

    Ask the dealer if they'll swap some wheels around!!! we did this when they first came out so had a 1.6 tdci zetec in squeeze running round on 17's looked ace, but the zetec s ended up with the optional 16's and looked a bit poo... good job enterprise bought it
  14. Getting Rid Of The Fiesta

    late 2010!!!! you crazy, the cmax isnt here yet and that should have been here in march!!! Focus will be well into 2011. Even then don't expect stupid money off the focus as they will be well run down in production by then, Ford are getting very good at getting rid now.
  15. New Fiesta Limited Edition 650 Been Made

    TDCi engines are only going up to 95ps from march and the 1.4 is going to 70ps so not alot of difference really. Won't be able to get 17's on the tdci ZS's anymore from then though either... Saw this red top today, I was initially quite excited but not liking the stripes at all on the top and not sure about white wheel, maybe on the blue, can't wait to see it in p.blue though. bagsy one as a demo...