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  1. In a situation like that you could also hit the 'off' button for stop/start before the car comes to a halt. Mine is August 2014 build, has the water cooled turbocharger and auxiliary water pump. The second cooling fan on mine is purely for cooling the chargecooler at low speeds.
  2. Too many wouldn't see a Silver Focus, with Battenburg, headlight flashers, blues, siren............ PS, don't think my Silver Focus is any worse than any other car I've had.
  3. My 125 is showing 49.2 on the computer. Had it at 50.2 in the summer. Drive to work 10 miles each way mainly 30 and 40 limits, a mile and a half or so in the 60. Don't rev it hard but not excessively gentle, make use of that big band of torque. Pulls OK in 5th at 30 MPH, 6th at 40 if level.
  4. Mine was built 01-08-14 and nothing showing on ETIS.
  5. Would now tend to agree Dave, didn't even know that engine had a DMF.
  6. I've had mine a week. When I got it, it was 4 months old and had done 900 Miles. Computer said 35 MPG. I've only driven it from the house to work, 10 miles each way, 30 or 40 MPH through the villages with a small section of 60 limit. I reset the computer when I filled the tank the day after I got it. Now showing 45 MPG, I had to work quite hard to get there, still experimenting with whether 40 on the level should be 5th or 6th gear.
  7. Don't know enough to give an accurate answer. I'd be inclined to blame the switch unit, but I cannot be certain.
  8. Is the boot actually releasing or is it a false alarm ? I had probs with it releasing on mine and the switch was replaced. Quite common on earlier Mk7s and Focuses.
  9. Very nice, looking at your spec on ETIS it does say 'with supplemental air heater'. Is this new as I thought the Ecoboost Fiestas did not have it ? I take it the heater gives out hot air pretty quickly on cold mornings.
  10. It's known as a Homogeneous LED Light Strip. LED is the source, sorry I don't know enough intimate technical detail to be able to explain further. I would say DP is on the right track with his comment.
  11. PTC is Positive Temperature Co-efficient. A ceramic based element in the heater unit whose resistance increases with temperature and is to a large degree self-regulating. On a freezing morning you can have warm air 30 secs after start up, hot air by 2 minutes. Very common on diesels because they take so much longer to warm up and starting to appear on Direct Injection Petrols for the same reason, a lot cheaper than a diesel fired heater and simpler and more energy efficient than a heating element in the coolant. ( Referring to one powered by the car's electrical system after start up, not one which plugs into the mains and can pre-heat the engine.)
  12. The heater on my 1.25 petrol is good. I note that using ETIS to check specs, the pre-facelift Mk7 diesels don't seem to have a PTC heater, but I put in the reg numbers of a couple of facelifts with Ecoboost and it suggests they get PTC. I wonder if the facelift diesels will get them as well ?
  13. I was indeed referring to the SAAB being FWD, surprised the Police wrapped that rather than a BMW or Omega. The Rover 800 incidentally was a barge, but no handing/roadholding issues.
  14. Once again, you are forced to take Privacy Glass to get other desirable items. I hate Privacy Glass. In all seriousness I'd like a new Titanium X, but would only have if Privacy Glass was a delete option.
  15. Going off at a slight tangent, we tend to associate powerful RWD as being wayward in the wet. Years ago our local Traffic Police had a SAAB 9000 Turbo. They lost it in the wet one day, was off for 4 months getting fixed, had it back a month, lost it in the wet again and wrote it off.
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