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  1. Hi all, I have just sold my 2008 focus st to some “scammers”, who managed to put oil in my expansion tank and in my exhaust tips. So it looked like I had a head gasket problem. “Forcing” me to lower my price obviously this rang alarm bells for me. So, I sold it... I really hope they enjoy the slave cylinder issue (£1500) , the broken engine mount, the hole in the dream science induction cross pipe sucking in ***** air, the unknown engine management light which reads 15 different codes... sorry forgot to mention that... enjoy the ticking time bomb HAHAHAHA ! On a serious note everyone please beware when selling ! especially when 3 Romanians jump out of a £30000 saloon at 22:00 hours that travelled for Peterborough to see a 2008 focus ST?. Glad such a “good” car has got to an owner that completely deserves her 😂 07465 862467 This is his number! Please beware London area, nation wide no doubt. oh yeah p.s I forgot to mention it was clocked in 2012 by a previous owner so it’s technically on 125000 miles not 91000 😘 enjoy boys !