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  1. Hi Rowland Earlier this year I had reason to use my brakes quite heavily going down a rather long 1 in 6 at 4.30am across Bodmin Moor. When I arrived at the bottom of the hill approaching a 90 deg R/Hand bend I found half way around the narrow bend in my path was a dozy fox. I swerved to avoid it, the pedal hit the floor I didn't make the bend, hit the bank and rolled the car. Fortunately my speed wad realatively low I would think less than 20mph. First thoughts were I was half asleep and didn't see the fox although I knew I'd hit it as later we found it dead in somebodys garden. After being recovered to the garage, I explained what happened and they later confirmed that the master cylinder had failed. The car was off the road for 9 weeks with only 50k miles on. Needless to say my insurance company are busily pursing compensation.
  2. Oh joy of joys, thanks for the advice. Better start saving up then.......
  3. Hi Guys, Has anybody replaced the seats in a Mk7 with those from a STi or similar. The seats in my van are a little basic and I would welcome a little more support for the long journeys I do. Lumbar support would be good. I've contacted several vehicle dismantlers, looking for a Zetec model that's in for breaking. I assume these have lumbar, but those that have them are looking at £100 each plus the old "Vodka And Tonic". If I'm spending that much I might as well get some sporty ones, then at least I feel I've bought something worthwhile. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  4. tone

    Not The Best Of Services...

    They probably need stripping and cleaning and regreasing thats all. Mine suffered the same way.
  5. tone

    Mk7 Fiesta Tdci Zetec S Tuning

    Sambooka, The advantage of a tuning box over a ECU re-map is that at service time you can disconnect the box or as in some cases switch it off. The problem with the 1.6 & 1.4 diesel engines is that the connection for the fuel rail is at the back of the engine and can be quite fiddly to get to, in fact if you've not done it before even infuriating to connect to. Some companies like Ron & Darren's at provide a lead to connect the box to leaving access relatively easy to remove etc.`
  6. tone

    Not The Best Of Services...

    Nico, Just a point on the brake pads, I've now covered 65k miles and whilst I'm still on the original discs and pads, at both the 37.5k and the last service at 62.5k, I complained of squealing brakes when cold. OK when they warmed up, but the first couple of applications and they would squeal. In fact in normal driving and slight change of direction and you could hear them chirping. Didn't affect their performance at all. Just made a racket. Been cured this time by my regular dealer. Its funny as mentioned, my van is leased and the lease company are reluctant to change them unless the discs become as thin as rice paper, but I would imagine if it was privately owned they would have charged me to replace them and probably at an earlier mileage. The dealer told me that there is a service bulletin about the calipers and the way the pads are located, apparantley the design can cause them to stick or vibrate. I understand this involves just stripping them down cleaning/filing any edges and applying the usual copper slip type grease. If not addressed it can cause pads to stick and wear unevenly or prematurely. Just a thought, it might well have been the problem you suffered. For anybody else something to bear in mind
  7. I've covered 63k miles in 18 months in my liitle van and regularly on a daily basis do the trip from Cornwall to Oxford and back, 424 miles without any problems. But like the rest of the members, you need to get the seat position and steering right. I haver found that I have to keep adjusting the seat hieght, after a few days it drops, and to this degree I was thinking of replacing the seats with the sports seats from the "Zetec S". After the comments made here I might need to re-think that. Motorways are definately best, apart from the constant tyre roar, until I added 2 tonne of soundproofing, that might be why I only get 10 mpg. One thing I do struggle with is the accelerator position. When I'm at a steady speed on the motorway, its very difficult to get a comfotable angle with your foot. I've tried adding the after market ally pedals, no good, resting it against the trim. All without success. I just can't get my ankle in a comfortable position. I think its because the accelerator pedal is so light that the merest touch and the car is either accelerating or slowing down. Most annoyong.
  8. tone

    Mk7 Wedding Car - Wish Me Luck!

    Congratulations Dan, I'm sure with all your meticulous preparations everything will turn out fine......have a great day.
  9. tone

    Cold Air Intake

    Sorry to hear you think that. In fact if you had bothered to read my report the results in fuel consumption, noise and acceleration were actually carried out prior to re-installing the box too ensure that I actually got a proper comparison, using the best possible methods I could. The box was actually then installed, and in fact because we are now breathing more air I turned the box up from a medium setting to a max setting and the result, better burning of the fuel and no smoke. The Subaru isn't like a 1.4 but again it proves what can be achieved by feeding more air into an engine. dLockers, if you refuse too accept the findings then that's your opinion, but at least give credit to people that have managed too achieved something you haven't, and there are more than me that have done so, our ozzy friend has achieved some benefits on this forum. And on other forums, see the link on my previous comment. (Pumaspeed for example as a professional body have proved that it works) I've reported on my findings and tried to answer any questions and queries and that's all I'm going to say on the matter now.
  10. tone

    Cold Air Intake

    Whilst I don't have the benefit of a rolling present... I have been able to run some back to back tests with very similar vehicles. We have on our fleet 5 other Mk7 Fiestas all running the same engine. After 4000miles and 4 weeks I've got the following results Better air flow...proven by flow meter Better fuel consumption....48.6 mpg over the month and 3600 miles to 51.3 mpg. Better acceleration from 30mph...using another car from the fleet the first 10 mph I had eeked out a small lead but then I just left him and as I hit 60mph he was at least 3 - 4 car lengths behind. Colder air temps going into engine.....the air temps going into the filter were down another 6 degs Engine runs at 4 degs cooler.....laser temp reader on rad. This isn't the first time I've seen benefits from getting more air and colder air into an engine. I tried this on my Subaru 3.0ltr Legacy and saw similar results. Also a forum member from the Subaru Legacy UK forum had similar resuls. , the "SSS Mod" he refers to is his Cold Air Intake Mod, which he shows the results he obtained on the Rolling Road. So in fact quite a few of us have found that by getting a better air flow into an engine and with other mods, tuning box/remap, better air filter this works. Sorry dLockers but IMO the results speak for themselves.
  11. tone

    Finally Got My Car Lowered On Eibachs

    Looks good that Oz, "that's another fine mess you've got me into" I'll have to look into that as well. I bet that's not going to be as cheap as the intake mod. I'm not going to sleep tonight wondering how the heck can I do a cheap lowering mod. I wonder how much I can cut off the existing springs......ermmmmm Just as a thought the photo's are excellent, to such a degree it looks like your car has actually got bigger / wider flairs on the wheel arches, very trendy, nice one.
  12. tone

    Cold Air Intake

    Hi Oz, Good to hear from you, well it would be if you weren't fast asleep with your Teddy Bear or should that be Koala Bear. If the petrol models have this piece of plastic, where do they draw their intake from, or is it just a deflector re-directing air from the grill? I look forward to your photo. Sleep tight
  13. tone

    Cold Air Intake

    Hi Oz, Good to hear from you, well it would be if you weren't fast asleep with your Teddy Bear or should that be Koala Bear. If the petrol models have this piece of plastic, where do they draw their intake from, or is it just a deflector re-directing air from the grill? I look forward to your photo. Sleep tight
  14. tone

    Cold Air Intake

    Not neccessarily so "dLockers" all engines can benefit from Ram Air Induction. This is not just about cold air, although in my case it is, but the more air you can get in a diesel, or a petrol for that matter, the more fuel you can burn, admittedly to an extent. I agree, the 1.6 with its intercooler has an advantage, but it's worth bearing in mind that here we have an inherrant design issue in the way that air is fed into the intake tract. It's not very good and how much of a benefit will it be on the 1.6 if its colder to start with. If you look at the intercooler position on the 1.6 it's located alongside the rad, and behind the air con rad, so is it getting a full flow of cold air, I don't know. I don't expect everybody to gain the results that I have, as different engines (petrol) will have different intakes. But even on these, Pumaspeed have proved it works. Change the filter for a better breathing one, and improve the air flow inro the filter/intake and you're sure to see/feel an improvement. On mine I have the added advantage of a tuning box which has increased the power and fuelling, but now with a better air flow and its colder to start with, I have seen a great improvement over standard even an improvementthan when I just had the tuning box fitted. See the thread about "how to improve your WS fiesta engine"