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  1. The registration of the vehicle. Not year....
  2. For the sake of about 40 quid for a new radiator, why would you use radweld?
  3. I can categorically state I've NEVER had covid-19, yet I fell very ill with the Az vaccine....
  4. Turn the radio up. My focus whistles/ hoover/ wind noise from under the bonnet. Because the air filter isn't seated properly in the airbox!
  5. Nobody wants their meat freezing.....
  6. What was the outcome? Is a remap the only way for more power?? Surely, a big turbo and intercooler with an uprated clutch to handle the power makes sense.....
  7. Deffo internal. Either rings or a bad valve stem seal
  8. Once in, you can insert key into ignition
  9. What makes you think your new air filter doesn't work?
  10. I use a digital thermometer used for an aquarium, both accurate and the batteries last forever. Two years in constant use, still on the same cr2032 battery Hope that helps
  11. Fingers now crossed for trouble free motoring
  12. That's why I always have old cars 😆
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