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  1. I'm really not. Why do I need a gadget to help with common sense. If you cannot drive without aids, hand your licence in! That's why the world has gone to *****. Next you'll be telling me you need sat nav to jump of a cliff.....
  2. Everyone knows a dual carriageway is national speed limit unless otherwise posted. 🙄
  3. You'd know if you're in a 20 zone. Signs everywhere
  4. If in doubt drive 30mph
  5. £1150 and not a penny cheaper
  6. Stick to the speed limits and you'll never need worry
  7. Ring and get a third advisors opinion
  8. ***** ain't happening until well after August
  9. That's a good shout. ^^^^ Bonnet buffer Or bonnet adjuster Bonnet bump stop
  10. I'd be more worried about coranovirus
  11. m50e30


    A crisis of this magnitude tests peoples aptitude