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  1. You thought 182bhp would pin you in your seat?? I've had 300bhp cars that don't do that
  2. Get it down the dealership and see what they have to say
  3. Mine are nitrogen filled. Keeps the pressures good and doesn't fluctuate wildly at different temperatures.
  4. Three A P606 Had them on my Porsche 911 and I couldn't find any problems with them. Cheap too. £150 for the 4 in 19"
  5. I have fordscan to programme the key no problem
  6. What a great read from start to finish. Needs a title change but apart from that. I'm going to get me a fiesta.... 200bhp you say?
  7. 90 quid seems cheap, compare a new key from the dealerships
  8. I have a 2009 Mondeo and only one key. I need a spare. The good people of the forum, share the knowledge please. Thanks
  9. Why not buy a standard st back box from a motor factors. It'll fill that hole lovely
  10. Yes sorry manual. I'd have thought the ecoboost would have been better around town