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  1. That's OK. I'll see what Paisley Autocare say, before I go down that road, especially as they did the Full Service, MOT and Engine Flush recently. I only hope it's not the same story... Æ
  2. I think I may well look into that... Æ
  3. I just had a look at the Full Service checklist from Paisley Autocare and it states, alongside Fuel Filter, 'Renew (Diesel Only)' and they appear to have put 'N/A' in the tick box... Strange... I'll need to check that with them. Æ
  4. But it's OK as a deposit on another finance agreement... Æ
  5. I might just get my car out of Arnold Clark, pay them what I owe them, and take it to Paisley Autocare, who did the Full Service recently, just around the corner from me and see what they say... although they weren't too complimentary about Ford engines already. Thanks folks! Æ
  6. I've found my latest HP statement. It was £12230 over 60 months and I still owe about £3000, which is well below the WBAC valuation of £5380 anyway. Æ
  7. The car can definitely still drive. I drove it 12 miles from Beith to Linwood with the AA man following me... and that error didn't come up, although I was taking it easy. If I put my foot down or go up a hill, it does come up. Æ
  8. My local garage is the one that did the 'Full Service' and Engine Flush a couple of weeks ago... I'm not so confident with them though, to be honest... even though they are reccomend... Æ
  9. Arnold Clark have already said the Head Gasket is blown... If that was the case though, would the car still drive at all?... Æ
  10. It's HP over 6 years... I think. I didn't buy it new. I got it for £12000 from Peter Vardy in January 2015. Æ
  11. I don't have any report from Arnold Clark yet. They needed AA approval to go to the next stage, which I only got yesterday evening. I'm tempted to accept that We Buy Any Car offer, but I probably should get the coolant changed first... Æ
  12. If wasn't the AA man who suggested the £4000 cost. That was Arnold Clark Ford this morning. Æ
  13. The problem with that is Genuine Ford Parts. I had a repair done in Halfords Autocentre where they needed to replace 1 of the 2 switches on my clutch. They said aftermarket should be just as good, but it wasn't. There must be some sort of chip in Ford parts, as this switch did not communicate with the car. Æ
  14. The Service garage a couple of weeks ago said the coolant was water contaminated, but the AA man thought it might be water mixed with oil, making it black in colour. Æ
  15. Even the We Buy Any Car value is £5380 and they are normally less than anybody else. Æ