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    mondeo mk3 zetec s 2.0 tdci 130bhp
  1. Changin Bulbs In The Clocks Off Mk3 Mondeo

    long job mate, i changed bulbs a while back, heres a link that i used to remove the dials... http://www.fordwiki.co.uk/index.php/Fitting_Replacement_Dials_-_Mk3
  2. Value Of My Mondeo

    say about 3,500 to 3,800, based on tidy inside and out, decent service history.
  3. Alloy Wheel Problems

    ive been told all ford rims (the ronal ones anyway) including the zetec s wheels (i have a zetec s too) arent very long lasting, mine are ok at the minute but then again, mines a 2005 model so...
  4. i have a handbook/owners manual i dont need for a pre facelift mk3, i only have the owners manual though, and not the one for the stereo. if your interested in the handbook though, let me know. although make sure urs is the pre facelift, a way to check is on the dash, if the hazard button is to the left of the clocj, then you have a prec facelift, and subsequently, the facelift had it to the right of the clock.
  5. Which Alloy Wheels ?

    Hi, I'm assuming you have a mk3, if so, i have a zetec s mk3 with 18 inch alloys on it.. feels a little harder ride than say a zetec with 16 inch rims on but not much difference at all (225/40/R18 tyres) many of the facelifted ghia models had 17 inchers on so i cant see ride being that bad at all, another one to consider is the 18s off the jag x type with the split 5 spoke rims, they look a bit different on a mk3 mondeo. Now im assuming here you're wanting ford wheels rather than aftermarket. Whichever ford rims you go with though, they will certainly make your LX look way better.
  6. gets my NEW mondeo tomorrow.