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  1. If you already have the pins in the connector you probably have the wiring already, check in the boot on the drivers side behind the boot liner near the lights there's normally a grey connector that you can plug a oem camera to.
  2. When I looked into using factory camera, all I could find was that what's needed is a new module and wiring loom for it to work, I know in the mk3 focus some cars had the module and loom you had to look for a grey plug behind the panel in the boot not sure if it's the same with the mk4.
  3. Yea I had issues with the bulky adapter, there's no room for it and I must of knocked other connectors because I lost a lot of functions that's why I cut the pins out.
  4. Here is a Step-by-step guide of my reverse camera installation and I will try to give as much detail as possible. I take no responsibility if you use my guide. I used a Chinese reverse camera that's built into the boot latch and I got a 54pin Apim adaptor, this caused some issues so I don't advise using one, I cut out the pins and plugged them directly into the Apim connector you can get the pins with the RCA plug off eBay I'll add some photos for reference and what slots the pins go into. Tools needed 10mm socket 7mm socket T25 Bit T20 Bit Flat head screwdriver Trim panel tools (optional) Camera used I used forscan to activate the camera first, someone on this forum explains how to do it, but I don't know how to link it so I screenshot his post. 1, There are 4 screws in the boot panel where the handles are, remove the cover to access them, remove 4 screws with a T20 star bit, Pull on the handles to remove the trim panel. 2 Remove trim panels around the window give them a tug they'll pop out. If there are any yellow clips still in the boot you will need to pull these out before you put the trim panels back. 3, Remove the old boot release, this is quite tricky there are 4 metal clips 1 on each side I broke 2 getting the old one out, Put the new boot release with camera in. 4, Connect the cable with power and ground, I put a ring connector on the ground and added it to an existing ground bolt and connected the power to the reverse light. 5.5, 5, Pull off the c pillar panel and gently pull the roof liner from the seal so you can run the RCA cable. I run the RCA cable through the rubber cable protector, I found it easy to remove the rubber from the clips put the cable through then removed the plastic clips (4 tabs) then put the rubber back on the clips then clipped it back in. 6, Run the cable from the back to the front of the car through the cable tray you have to pull back the interior panels. 7, Next I needed to get access to the Apim module. Open the glove box and remove the top shelf 8, Remove 4 bolts, 2 10mm at the back and 2 7mm at the top 9, 10, Pull the glovebox out and unplug the light. 11, Drivers footwell there is a circle cover remove that and unbolt 1 7mm bolt, 12 Remove the gear surround first, using trim tools helps but I didn't have any so I was careful and got a screwdriver behind to give me a gap and i pulled it up with my fingers, then pull both side panels off 13, Remove 2 screws with a T25 star bit then lift tabs up then you can pull the tray it has 2 clips at the back so needs a good pull, you don't need to disconnect it just pull it back a little so when you take the heating controls out it can come out. 14, Remove the little trim panel behind the screen to access the 3 7mm bolts then unplug the screen, push the little tab and pull it off mine was on real tight. 15, 16, 17, Remove the 2 7mm bolts and pull the trim panel off and disconnect the plug 18, 19, 20, Remove the 2 7mm bolts and pull out the vents and unplug the hazards 21, Remove the 2 7mm bolts on top of the heating controls 22, Under the steering wheel pull back the panel to access 1 7mm bolt, I didn't need to remove the whole panel just enough to get a socket in. 23, Pull out the heating controls and unplug, this has a lot of clips holding it in place and its really hard to pull out. 24, Unplug the radio system and remove 4 7mm bolts, then pull out the unit. 25, On the Apim connector push the tab and slide the latch to the right, the connector is tucked up at the back. 26 , To access the pin slots you need to remove them from the connector use a screwdriver to push the tabs and pull out the cables then insert the RCA into slots 14 &15 slide the connector back over the cables and plug it back in. 27, 28, 29 30 Connect the RCA leads together then I taped the excess cable to the dash bar to keep it out of the way. 31, 32, I put the radio system back and plugged everything back in except the heating controls to test the camera before I bolted everything back up. Then followed my steps in reverse to put the car back together.
  5. I'm getting the same issue with my car aswel 2019 1.0 Any way of telling if its a faulty sensor or if my engine is knocking? Also I'm getting a abs code, is that related? It won't clear either.
  6. Panic over!!! All working OK, was just loose connections. Thanks to use guys who replied and helped.
  7. So the radio buttons came to life on my journey to work but the USB/auto android still not working, Briedwnew, yes it was working before and I have tried a different lead.
  8. Hi I'm having a few issues with my 2019 focus the problems are, Radio control panel doesn't work, auto android doesn't come up when I connect my phone and I've tried both USB slots also when my phone is connected to Bluetooth and I make a call I can hear them but they can't hear me. A bit of background ground, I was attempting to install a reverse camera and I connected a 54 pin apim connector for the rca connector (I'll try add a photo) i put the dash back and the stuff listed above wasn't working, i removed the connector put the car back together and still not working. I've checked the fuses, I have unplged and replugged everything and still no luck. Anyone had this issue or know what my problem is ?
  9. I've seen pictures of catalog parts on ebay, but they either have the official ford logo or no logo
  10. Does anyone have a link for a parts catalogue for a mk4 focus? I used to use, https://ford.7zap.com/en/car/ for my mk3 but that website doesn't have mk4.
  11. What should the readings be, idle and ignition on? And how do I tell if any are faulty?
  12. Hi luke, I have the 1.0 ecoboost, it only comes on when I first start the engine. I have to turn the car off open the door so the dash goes off start the engine again and everything back to normal. No intake,or mods. Is that the boost solenoid/Waste gate?
  13. I've posted this problem before with no replies. I keep getting P0236 when I start the car along with limp mode. Happens at least once sometimes twice a week, once its been running a while I can turn it off and on all day and it won't come on (eml). Has anyone had any issues with p0236 it's driving me nuts, I've had mechanics look at it with no luck they just wanna throw money at it replacing parts but with no garentee. I've replaced 2 boost sensors so I can rule that out. Any help or suggestions welcome Thanks in advance
  14. I've posted this problem before with no luck solving the issue. I keep getting P0236 when I start the car along with limp mode. Happens at least once sometimes twice a week but only in the morning, once its been running a while I can turn it off and on all day and it won't come on (eml). It's been happening for nearly a year and the car drives with no issues. Any help or suggestions welcome Thanks in advance
  15. Anyone else had all these codes at the same time? What could be wrong? Anyone got any suggestions on how to diagnose?
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