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  1. Anyone else had all these codes at the same time? What could be wrong? Anyone got any suggestions on how to diagnose?
  2. I have forscan but I only know how to use it to read codes how would I self test modules?
  3. Sometimes when I start the car I get engine management light and its in limp mode, I've scanned the car and I get p0236. I've replaced the boost sensor but its still happening, has anyone had this issue? Is it possible i brought a faulty sensor? Or is it something else?
  4. I need to replace a broken sensor, the number on my sensor is EV6T-1A180-CC The replacement sensor I'm looking at the last 2 letters is different its EV6T-1A180-DC Will this be ok?
  5. I need to replace a sensor the number on my sensor is EV6T-1A180-CC The replacement sensor I'm looking at the last 2 letters is different its EV6T-1A180-DC will this be ok?
  6. Yea I could of done it that way, to be honest I never thought of doing it that way
  7. I plugged my homemade wires into 14 and 15 at 1st I had them the wrong way and i was getting a fuzzy screen after many hours of troubleshooting I switched the wires and now my camera works.
  8. Instead of buying a whole zizon 54 pin adapter like the 1 in the pic I decided to make 1 myself save a few quid and cut out the adapter.
  9. I went down the aftermarket route I got this camera https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153429110555 Got myself a female RCA solder and some pins from the scrap yard and made my own cable. Got a piggy back fuse to get power from the fuse box in the rear and grounded it to the ground bolt in the rear hatch. I brought a elm327 modified and downloaded forscan and the extended licence to activate the camera. I did have problems at the start getting the image but it was my mistake I had the pins the wrong way round.
  10. Just an update on the cruise control I got the forscan extended license I needed the latest forscan software now cruise control works perfect
  11. Cheers mate, I was getting this on the screen before I got the camera unavailable message would this be a faulty camera or poor power connection?
  12. Sorry to bring up a old post I'm having similar issues with power, I've got myself a fuse piggy back can you remember what slot number on the fuse box did you use?
  13. I've activated the camera using forscan but when I put it in reverse I'm getting a black screen any ideas what could be wrong?
  14. I'm all up and running with the license but I can't find the cruise control in the bcm.