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  1. Hi mate, had a very similar problem with my previous car and everything was pointing to the alternator, but it turned out to be the battery. Had that changed and it was then fine. As you have fitted a new alternator AND battery, it should be all good. Is everything plugged and screwed in properly?
  2. That’s very clean Nick, congrats mate
  3. Gonna drop myself in here as well as in the exact same pickle. The engine does sound very nice to be fair, but yeah, would like something a bit louder at the rear
  4. Squeaking totally gone so thanks a lot for your help mate. Only thing is, when I roll the windows back up it obviously collects some of the lubricant and they look quite greasy, I assume that goes away after a while?
  5. Hello mate. yes I think it is the rubber that causes that awful squeaking sound as the window tries to push past it on its way up or down. No idea on mechanism inside the door so just going to soak the rubber seal and hopefully it will work👍🏼
  6. Thanks very much, just ordered some WD40 Silicone Spray, hopefully it will do the job!
  7. Hi folks, I’ve owned my car for about a month now and I’m absolutely loving it. There’s only one thing that really bugs me and it’s my squeaky windows, made especially worse when opening or closing them when they’re dry. Is there a quick fix for it? Has anyone else had the same problem?
  8. Totally agree and I was after a white myself and luckily been able to find one. Don’t think they look as special in black.
  9. Thank you everyone for all the suggestions, much appreciated
  10. Thank you both, I’ll have a fish around and see what I can find!
  11. Hi everyone, I’m looking for a fresh set of tyres to put on my focus before the summer as these are beginning to run low. It’s only the 1.0L 125bhp Zetec S, so I don’t really need top of the range Pilot sports or something similar, but would still like some decent mid range tyres which suit the car and its great cornering ability. The wheels are 18’’ btw. Any recommendations would be much appreciated, thanks
  12. Thanks a lot mate, haven’t stopped staring at it, looks good from every angle!😁 Headlights are on my to-do list, completely agree with you about the halogens. Re fitting the SYNC 2 system, is it a big job? Is it possible to do it myself? The bigger screen would mean the whole centre console looks different right? Thanks very much for your input, much appreciated!
  13. Hi everyone, Recently bought a mint 2012 MK3 Zetec S with the 1.0L 125hp EcoBoost engine, I’ve owned the car for about a week now, and I am seriously impressed with the performance on offer from such a small engine. I am absolutely loving my new car, a genuine pleasure to drive. My previous car (my first car) was only a bog standard 09 Astra so changing to this, is an upgrade in pretty much every way I can think of. I am planning a stage 1 remap as I hear these engines are easily capable of putting out even more power. I don’t want to push it too much as I also want the car to last me and not put too much strain on it, so I think a remap will be the only thing I do to the car performance wise. This brings me onto the topic of cosmetic changes, and I’d love to hear some suggestions from all my fellow MK3 owners. I will be ordering some Heko wind deflectors as my first ‘mod’ if you like, perhaps change the interior bulbs too. What have you done to yours to make it look better? Interior or exterior. Would love it if you could drop links to the product itself, and if possible an installation guide too. Glad to be a Focus owner and hoping to learn some stuff from this forum. Thanks guys👍🏼