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  1. Hi, I took it to a garage that my friends owns they charged me £80 for a days labour but they have had the problem before, they found the problem it was something so easy but I couldn't see it. The connector pins for the HP & EVAP was bent so it wasnt touching proberly, all works fine revs over 2000rpm and its deffo been remapped, I took it for a blast down the road and I notice driving home the car didnt have power and would take a little longer getting to rev and take off, I get home lift up the bonnet and when i throttle it, it sounds like a coil pack has gone it sounds like it's only running on 2 cylinders I did have a fault code throw up but no engine light. P132B-12:6C turbocharger boost control a performance Can anyone help me on this one..
  2. The car wont run with mass sensor plugged in and when you rev it the turbo actuator wont move up and down with it out , as soon as I plug it in the car revs up and down and wants to stall but the actuator moves up and down I did by a sensor but wasnt genuine so I've just brought one from ford and waiting for it to come Friday so will try that. But I have a feeling the turbo dont work
  3. UPDATE, I brought everything from ford all new sensors, injectors, coil packs, HP fuel pump, absolutely everything on the engine is new from ford and still the same problem what can I do now
  4. I'm going to change injectors that's the last thing to do I've changed absolutely everything on the engine, every sensor even the HP Fuel Pump, I have to unplug maf otherwise car will not start I have a feeling an injector could be leaking and not holding pressure in HP Fuel pump. So injectors is last thing if it not that then I'm gonna take car to a garage not ford.
  5. These fault codes remain after a scan tonight. Dont worry about mass air flow sensor its ***** but works when cars warm. P0101:31-27 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range / Performance P0113:17-27 IAT (Intake Air Temperature) Sensor 1 Circuit High Input. -- but idk where that is. P0251:13-27 Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control A
  6. Ok just found out it is actually a 140bhp engine both the same but do I need to program the high pressure fuel pump. But I have a things to change, either throttle position sensor, acceleration pedal or take it to ford dealership and get them to fix it. It dosent drive properly tou have to leave it 10min to actually drive it but still wont go over 2000rpm
  7. Even with the engine light off after I clear it.. it still misfire hard cut limiter then after a while engine light comes back on
  8. Yeah but that's on about a diesel
  9. Yeah engine light is on I put a Diagnostic machine on it and its throwing falut P0251:13-27 injection pump fuel metering control A Its had fresh fuel I put in last week I swapped fuel pump and still same problem if it's the only thing I havend changed is injectors would it be them? But it's weird its using alot of fuel
  10. Needed new engine due to old damage from the 140bhp engine had hole in sump and all pistons in a line as the metal from the sump is stuck in cam and snapped it.. everything else is fine on it like turbo, injectors, every sensor.. but got told the engine I brought is 140bhp but finding out myself its actually 125bhp engine.. I just need to know why it wont rev over 2000rpm and sounds like a hard cut limiter. It wont even drive
  11. Yeah so it is a 1.0 EcoBoost Black Editon 140bhp I got it from copart. And it had to have new engine and been told that the 125bhp engine fits straight in. From the guy I brought engine off.. I pit engine in and starts first time but now its misfiring on idle and wont go over 2000rpm, sounds like a hard cut limiter when it hits 2000rpm and making a dump valve sound... I looked at the 140bhp turbo to the 125bhp turbine and they both have the same serial numbers.. the only thing I havent changed yet is injectors but the fault code P0251:13-AF still remains. I need help as wanting it gone as been sat around for about a year
  12. Would it also make a misfire @2000rpm if turbo dosent kick in because that what its doing. I still think it wouldnt be a problem tho being turbo thinking about it I think if it 125bhp engine in the black edition with 140bhp map it's just a smaller turbo so wont be much power
  13. Would I also need to changed injectors?