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  1. Ok thank u very much mate been worried sick 🤮
  2. There all working I've checked them
  3. If its holding charge now try not to look into it so much it will drive u insane is there no garages near u were u could get it checked out
  4. When was the last time it had a good run out I know it's hard at the min but the battery olny gets a good charge when driving idling on the drive won't really help ud be better off leaving it until needed
  5. Sounds like ur battery has gone altogether is ur car keyless entry?
  6. Hi all I've recorded my car on cold start as I think it doesn't sound right help please
  7. Thanks for the relys it seems to be getting guieter I think the oil had been in the car to long and combined with small journeys and not warming up properly hasn't helped will keep updated if it gets worse but I honestly think it just needed a good service
  8. Ps I have a video of the sound but I can't upload it as its to big as can only be 2mb
  9. I'm after a little help my engine seems a little noisy it starts off loud and gets quite as engine warms up I've had a oil change done and made it a little quieter but I don't think it seems right had it back to garage and they said some are louder than others this is a noisey one they said I'm not convinced it does it under load and while reveling goes away when revs drop back down but can be heard if throttle pressed lightly sounds like a tappet noise or piston slap to me the car has only covered 13500 miles
  10. Hi everyone just bought my 4th ford I've had 3 fiestas and a focus Ive just down graded from my 2017 focus to the fiesta as wanted something a bit cheaper and love the fezzas there so much fun and easy to park