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  1. Cheers Mark, I'll give that a try! 😊
  2. Hi everyone - Just after a bit of help! No matter what I try, I cannot get the apps installed on my Android phone to appear on the Mobile Apps section of the Sync 3 system. I've tried it paired with Bluetooh and plugged in via USB. Tried pressing "Find Mobile Apps" but it never finds anything (Apart from FordPass) Looking at the small amount of available apps here, one I would really like to get working is Acast. Does anyone have this set up and working? Is it even possible in the UK? Or does anyone have any suggestions what to try? Thank you!
  3. I nearly bought this car recently... Full LED headlights and daytime running lights. If the option wasn't available to you, perhaps they just offered you most expensive option (adaptive) thinking you'll take it and get bigger sale?
  4. What is it you've ordered, an ST or an ST Line X?
  5. Not as far as I'm aware. Sounds like the salesman (and Manager) have told a porkie. Did he not go through the brochure with you? The different options are set out quite well and after looking at it in the brochure, it is very easy to distinguish each option based on the layout of the light. There are 2 options on top of the standard with regards to headlights on the ST Line X: - Halogen headlights with LED daytime running lights (Standard) - LED Headlights with LED daytime running lights (Option 1) - Adaptive Front Lighting system with dynamic LED Headlights, glare-free high beam and LED sequential turn indicators (Option 2) See page 25 of the brochure here:
  6. I won't hold my breath on getting anywhere with it if I did go back. The original mats that should come with the ST Line X were missing also.
  7. Just been washing my 19 plate ST Line X that I bought from Arnold Clark a week or so ago... only just noticed that one of the wheels (Nearside Rear) doesn't have a red brake caliper, the rest obviously do. Silly question, but I take it this isn't normal and it's likely it's been replaced at some point 😞
  8. Hi all, Every time I start the car (mk4) after about 20-30 seconds, this message appears titled "Network connection needed" and wants me to connect to a Wi-Fi network in order to complete system updates. I've tried connecting it to one and even a hotspot on my mobile and then checking system updates through settings l,but nothing seems to work? Am I missing something?
  9. Hi Matt - interesting - does that involve a 2nd mobile phone acting as a bridge connection?
  10. Is there any plans to make SYNC3 compatible with wireless Android Auto? Or is this even possible currently?
  11. To the OP - did your mouldable rubber solution work?!
  12. Hi guys What's the deal with the door guards that pop out on opening the door, in that, more often than not, they fail to snap on to the edge of the door and just flop about in mid-air? (oooh err!) Its 2 mk4 Focus' I've noticed it on now...including the one I've just bought! Is it a common fault or have I been unlucky?
  13. sastley


    If I'm buying a used (19 plate) Focus from an Arnold Clark motorstore and they say they have carried out first service (it's done approx 12500 miles) will this invalidate warranty with Ford?
  14. Thanks for thoughts guys. Would it be enough for you to walk away from the deal then having the option missing?!
  15. Reserved a 19 plate Mk4 that comes with all the extras, except for a heated steering wheel!! Will I miss it?! Is it one of the better options to have? Or is it not very good and a waste of time?