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  1. Immobiliser Issue Need Help!

    Is 1-6 what your seeing from the PATS light or did you get that from somewhere else ?
  2. Fiesta Keys

    A good auto locksmith will be cheaper. If you cant find someone local to you, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.
  3. Immobiliser And Alarm Question

    That's a bit of confusing Dave. No such thing as a master key on these fords. Doesn't matter who or what you point the key at, its a radio signal that's sent buy the remote.
  4. Just to clarify. If the battery in the key was bad , the car wont start. If the battery was missing, the car wont start. The car needs to see a proximity signal from the key (this isn't the same as the remote signal). Therefore, the battery is good. The remote on these are programmed into the vehicle at the same time as the key (chip) is programmed. My advice is get the remote tested to see if its sending a signal. 10sec job and we don't charge for this. If it's sending a remote signal, get the remote programmed back in. If the remote isn't sending a signal, get a new key.
  5. Lost Key And No Spare

    If you were local to me , we charge about £180 to come out and supply and programme a remote key for this ford . It's an old post but give me a call if your not sorted. I can put you onto a trustworthy autolocksmith in your area.
  6. Mk6 Fiesta Steering Lock Issue

    If your near Hadleigh /Benfleet, pop it into our shop and I'll have a quick look at it for you.
  7. Cant Open My Car!

    Call a good auto locksmith
  8. Sounds like immobiliser related. Leave ignition on for 1 minute and tell me what the pats light is doing. Leaving ign on for 1 min sometimes clears a problem. ie, you may have tried to start the car with an unprogrammed key.
  9. Spare Key For St3

    Can I ask, is your insurance company happy that the immo chip now has permanent residence inside the car ?
  10. Worst Case Senario Bonnet Wont Open

    Always worth a try mate
  11. Spare Key For St3

  12. Worst Case Senario Bonnet Wont Open

    New blade is cheaper than dis-assembling and re-assembling the unit.
  13. Red Flashing Message Indicator

    It's the pats indicator light. If theres a problem, it will flash a code ie 1 slow flash- gap- 3 quick flashes is code 13. so on and so on. If light flashes slow and regular, there's no problem. This is normal condition on fords.
  14. Worst Case Senario Bonnet Wont Open

    Worst case is your key is worn and that has damaged your lock. New grill New lock assembly New key. Best case is worn key. New blade Good luck