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  1. Update: Bolt is definitely: M12 x 1.75 pitch thread - grade 10.9 steel. However the nut is definitely not just another ny-lock nut. It uses a different system - with some other insert - in place of a nylon one. I suspect this specifically chosen because of the extreme vibration the joint goes through: Can anyone help me identify this type of lock nut nut - and help me find the correct variant? Cheers
  2. Update: I’ll be buying the bolt from FORD. I want to pair it with a nut - correctly ( no guessing). I need to know for sure - that any NUT I source - has the proper/correct pairing for that particular thread pitch. How to verify that a nut - is the correct pairing for a specific bolt - is where I’m getting stuck. Granted it needs to be a flanged lock nut. I need to understand how to establish, that the threads of the bolt & nut are indeed correctly matched. My fear is that there will be quite a few nuts that will seem to fit the bolt - even though they are the wrong pairing. How do I ensure any Nut I get - is actually the right one?
  3. Okay - so at this point we know it’s an M12 bolt. I am unsure what grade of steel the nut needs to be. I am unsure what the specifications in terms of thread pitch it needs to be. Surely the thread type/pitch needs to be matched carefully?
  4. CLARIFYNG: Asking about securing the WHEEL SIDE of the arm. For that side - Ford (UK) only sell the BOLT separately - no receiving NUT. Instead - they choose to make the recieving NUT an integral/stock part of the Knuckle arm (from factory). WHY??? (Opinion/guess only) - In order to replace this tiny receiving NUT - you are now forced to into buying and fitting an entire new Knuckle arm ($$$). I suspect that there is a different approach in the US, where the NUT might be a standalone part. As the welded nut that is part of the Knuckle arm, is no longer usable - what approaches/solutions can fellow members suggest? One of the suggestions was to simply grind off the damaged (welded) NUT from the knuckle arm, then grind down the welds/tacks - and separately source a replacement NUT (from somewhere): A) What would be the correct specifications (Assuming the bolt is the correct Ford BOLT) for the new NUT? B) Would this new NUT then need to be welded to the arm? C) What other options are there in solving this problem - other than replacing an entire Knuckle arm? P.S: I agree that the workmanship in the photos show very poor workmanship. After the was orignally work done it was caught (how badly it’s been done) at the annual MOT – and is now asking how to fix the problem.
  5. The reason I’m double checking - is that this is the only family car we have. I’m fearful of: A) Getting the wrong specification of NUT. &/or B) Not securing it enough (i.e does it need a tack weld or not, once fitted). I just wish Ford would sell the nut by itself in the UK. Please keep the suggestions & ideas comming.
  6. Really appreciate you taking the time. I’ll check this out and get back to the forum with an update. Thanks again, Alpro
  7. Could you help me understand the specifications of a replacement nut should be - or guide me to where I can find out. I just want to make sure, that I get the right thing before the new mechanic starts the work.
  8. Hi williamweb, Thank you for responding. The issue both I and the OP are facing is that the nut is seized, rusted & no longer viable. In this scenario - I need help from fellow members about what to do? Is the only solution to replace both the knuckles - over a single welded NUT that is no longer usable? Are there alternatives to this? Surely me & the OP can’t be the only ones that’ve faced this scenario?
  9. I am in the same situation as the OP. So I hope this post will help focus the discussion (Pun intended!): i) ii) iii) iv) v) As I am in the exact same position as the OP. Need to replace both my REAR LCA's on my Mk1.5 Focus too. My LCA BOLT receiving nuts (Wheel Side) - cannot be salvaged. A) What are the different approaches members used to tackle/resolve this specific issue? My thanks to all those willing to contribute, Alpro. (apologies for spelling/grammatical mistakes - done all of this on a small screened mobile phone).
  10. Hi All, Just wanted to say hi. I'm the proud new owner of a ford focus MK1.5, and I hope to contribute to the community & be an active member! Alpro