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  1. Right.. i need some opinions on the head ache ive got just now. Ive got a 02 plate 2ltr Focus with just over 69k miles and unfortunately it seems the timing belt had either snapped or slipped and obviously caused a fair bit of damage. The extent of the damage isnt clear at the moment but the garage expects the majority of the valves to be bent etc. So to repair that, they estimate around £700, mainly for the labour to get it head off, inspect it, and get it all sorted etc. Just wondering if it would be a better/cheaper idea to try find a good bare engine to replace it? PS DIY is probably not an option as not very mechanically minded. Your thoughts/opinions much appreciated, Thanks :)
  2. My rear windscreen washer on my mk1.5 focus has stopped working :( Last weekend it was working until i noticed more water was dripping inside than out.. So took off the 3rd brakelight and noticed the the wee pipe had popped off, so simply put it back on and it worked perfectly again.. Then on monday, it wasnt doing anything, no water was coming out the pipe on its own Any ideas whats up with it and/or how to sort it? Cheers
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    19 in a couple weeks :D
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  5. My old 1.6 Ink RIP

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    hi all, just got round to joining :) im 19 this month and im on my 2nd focus, first was a 1.6 Ink which was sadly written off.. now im driving a 2ltr focus for now till i get bored and want something else :) but ive always liked fords, since i was a kid, the cosworths, mk1 and mk2 escorts etc etc.. :)