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  1. Yea tis sodding annoying. I think HELLA might actually provide the sensors to Ford in the first place. Ford Cost £150, Hella Cost £60. I don't have the auto dimming mirror yet though. I'm toying with adding that and hardwiring it in, as at present I don't have the correct harness and I have a feeling its actually going to be 2 harnesses that would need switching.
  2. Booya! Can confirm that Hella 6PW 012 008-711 works fine with the MKIV Focus when switching out the light sensor. Only needed to enable Rain Sensor in the IPC config as rescanning the car automatically listed it as 'enabled' under the SCCM. Be aware that Hella list this part as being for Ford Transits, but its not. Its the equivielent of FORD G3GT-173547-AD and is present in Focus MK4 / Fiesta MK8. The sensor Hella lists as being for the Focus is actually the FORD G3GT-173547-BB equivilent, thus Light sensor only.
  3. Just as an update, I've bitten the bullet and ordered a HELLA sensor that claims to be a replacement for part for Ford's G3GT-17D547-DA Rain/Light sensor used in the MK4 Focus and other cars. Hella on the other hand state that this part equivilent part is for a Transit! The part they have listed for the MK4 version is a replacement for Ford G3GT-17D547-BB which is the Light only sensor I currently have. Think they've assumed this is the part in all MK4 Focus's regardless of if its fitted with both Rain and Light sensor or just the Light version. I'm waiting for an answer from Hella on that front, but I've bitten the bullet and ordered the part they claim is for the Transit but has matching part number etc. I'm pretty sure it should be fine and will keep you all posted if anyones interested.
  4. Hmm. Strange if they're active and working. Did you check your rain sensor model.number in the end? I'm curious as to whether it is the AD version. It should be from my reading / investigating.
  5. Have you turned them off in the menu in the car settings, so that they are intermittant instead? (Might be why Forscan says they're deactivated?).
  6. Are you sure its the exact same? The light only / non rain sensor one in the st-line is G3GT-17D547-BB (bb is engraved on the bracket). It also has a bulb picture and 'only' printed on the connector part of the sensor (where the plug goes). The rain sensing version should be G3GT-17D547-AD. Again AD is engraved on the bracket but doesnt have the light only printed part on the connector. I'm trying ro source an AD version atm and might go down the HELLA route.
  7. I had the auto dimming and rain sensor on my mk2.5 and I miss it. Anyway this wasn't asking about opinion 🙂 I've done a bit more digging and it seems i need a different harness in or order to connect an auto dimming mirror. Cable i currently have is JX6T-14G540-GEBB but it doesn't have a connector for the mirror. After digging I believe the harness i need is JX6T-14G540-GBAB, which has an additional 5 pin plug which I assume is for the auto dim mirror. Question I have now is can I just swap these harnesses over, or is it likely that the previous harness in the chain will also need to be switched out? Any input greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi All I'm wanting to add the rain sensor / auto wipers to my ST-Line. I only have Auto Headlights and manual dip Rearview mirror. I've been doing some digging, think it would just be a case of swapping out the light sensor on the windscreen for a combined light/rain sensor, and then enabling it in forscan. However, I've clarified with someone online who has the ST-Line X with auto wipers, and he has the exact 'light only' sensor that I do. However he also has the auto dimming mirror. Searching ebay listings I noticed one for the MK3 RS that had the rain sensor connected to an auto dimming mirror. Is the auto-dimming mirror part of the equation for rain / light sensors? Any help would be greatly appreiciated!
  9. Just wondering if anyone knew what this random plug is attached to the battery box on the MKIV ST-Line? Wishful thinking made me think it might be the alternative connector for the full LED headlights, but alas - there isn't one on the other side of the car so thats out the window!
  10. Probably under the service menu. From cold engine, press and hold the OK button on the steering wheel. Then turn on the ignition. Hold OK until an E appears in the top of the cluster display. Will give you technitians menu.
  11. Bit of a silly question - but you haven't accidentally pressed on the lights themselves have you? I had this recently - lights were on dispite doors closed and switch in central position. Turns out you can turn each individual light on and off by pressing each one. Has a switch built in.
  12. Yeah had a feeling it was never implemented at factory. What a dumb idea! Usually companies take the Homer Simpson approach of taking an existing product and putting a clock in it. Seems Fords gone the other way 😛
  13. Long shot, but does anyone know if theres anyway to get a digital clock on the Instrument Cluster on the MKIV - I hate having to look over at the damned Sync screen to see the time! Cheers
  14. Hi All! Bit of a long shot here. I've just taken delivery of some mud flaps from China, stated as being specifically for the new Ford Focus ST-Line. However it appears the drill hols don't align with the bodywork or the Wheel Arch Line, (theres quite a bit of depth behind the drill hole and the supplied screws are way too short to reach the liner). Anyone got any ideas on how I could make this work? Preferably avoiding drilling the chasis itself! Have attached pictures. I've emailed the seller but clutching at straws I think. Cheers all.
  15. Sorry, never meant that NAV was anything to do with phones. I meant I use maps via Android Auto so no point in having the NAV S/W