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  1. Ate your carpets damp in the foot wells? Might be the dreaded boot leak as mentioned on these pages!
  2. I know it's a gimmick but got this today😀
  3. Is the boot leak an issue on the mk3.5?
  4. Sounds like the paint lacquer has come off. I think you will find if you polish it it will still be dull and rough to touch
  5. Like those! Keep them clean👍
  6. I've been here nearly 12 months now lol it's an old thread . Still loving it tho
  7. I'd have either if it means getting back to some kind of normality !
  8. I used that prestone stuff and ended up with this lol
  9. Mine are bright enough and a cooler colour I'd leave the factory fitted ones unless you want the boy racer look 😉
  10. Bumper and bonnet? Something to do with paint on plastic and metal being different in colour I think . Heard about this before
  11. I thought this on my mk3.5 but apparently they dont come with them . Just a rubber strip at the front of the bonnet stops dirt getting in etc
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