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  1. Ford Australia has confirmed the last Mondeo models will be landing there later this year as SUV demand pushes the mid-sized sedan out. Ford NZ sold only 349 Mondeos last year, one being my NZ Titanium. They didn't sell very good here but I like them. The Aussies have already confirmed the culling of the model, which will leave just the Mustang, Fiesta and Focus models as Fords passenger offerings. Ford NZ hasn't confirmed if it will follow suit yet, meaning the Ambiente and Hybrid Mondeos are still available for purchase. Don't be surprised if NZ follows suit. There is still some of the mid spec Trend model with the 2.0L Ecoboost 177KW ( 240PS ) engine available here. Grim times coming for Mondeo in The South Pacific. I'm DJ NEZZ, The Kiwi from Auckland NZ.
  2. DJ NEZZ


    Hi Ozzy, You have a nice car too. Is it an ST Line? Our Police here in NZ are too soft I think but there has been a few arrests for badly breaching the lockdown. Your car has the good motor. I got a re tune by Dave at Tune Technic here in Auckland rather then a Mountune or any other of the plug in tune boxes available around the world. He does a full Dyno with the re tune ( 210KW & 420NM ) . I have fitted a custom 3" Down Pipe removing the Cat and Resonator, Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs ( RR14S ), Steeda Billet Aluminium Bonnet Release Lever and a Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve ( TS-o203-1061 ). I have abit of exhaust sound in the back now with the turbo woosh sound in the front. Love it! Mondeo performance parts are hard to find, look at Focus ST 2.0L at cj pony Hoping all you Ford Lovers in the UK are well and keeping safe in these Global hard times. I'm DJ NEZZ, The Kiwi from Auckland NZ.
  3. I was told when brought my new NZ Mondeo Titanium that power is being used while the car is just sitting there (computer, alarm etc) and the battery will go flat after 1 month of non use. With Keyless entry thats a problem. I have my OXORD 360T Maximiser battery maintenance charger hooked on now and the battery will be in full charge for later. I had this OXFORD Maximiser for my Yamaha FZ1, Gen 2 Fazer 1000 Super Bike and worked great for that. I'm DJ NEZZ, The Kiwi from Auckland, New Zealand.
  4. DJ NEZZ


    Hi Keith, Brian and Tom, we are allowed to go food shopping, Doctors, Chemist etc and work if you have an essential job. We can go for a walk but must stay close to home. No driving around, going to the mall (most shops and businesses are closed), going to the beach or fishing. We must keep a distance of 2 metres from other people. Police are stopping people and making them go home. A lot of idiots are breaking these rules and Tourists and Backpackers here are amongst the worst and a lot of them are from the UK. We have 581 cases now, 1 death and 60 have recovered ( 31/3/2020). I hope your handling your lockdown ok and staying at home, safest place. I'm DJ NEZZ, The Kiwi from Auckland, New Zealand. The Home Of The America's Cup.
  5. DJ NEZZ


    Here in New Zealand we are in Lockdown and must stay home for 1 month now with Covid 19 Virus. We have 102 cases now with no deaths (23/3/2020). I hope all my friends in this UK FORD FORUM are OK. Staying home is a safe way isolating. Be careful! DJ NEZZ The Kiwi From NZ.
  6. Here's some photos of my 2019 Mondeo Titanium 2.0L. You will notice that our Titanium here in New Zealand is more like your St Line in the UK. I have the Panoramic roof, Privacy glass, 19" wheels, auto and full leather. We don't have any manual or All Wheel Drive Mondeo's here. I'm DJ NEZZ The Kiwi from New Zealand.
  7. Hi Nick, I'm new here too. Your car looks really good and has some great upgrades. I looked at the websites of the Manufactures of your upgrades hoping to see things there for Mondeo but had no luck. Here in NZ we are limited in what we can get being so far away from the UK and US. There is alot of performance upgrades for Fiesta and Focus but not much for Mondeo. I had a custom 3" downpipe made and fitted before getting a retune and dyno (280HP and 420NM), which removed the cat and resonator allowing the turbo to spool up quicker and gave a better sound out the back whilst driving. It is not compulsory here in NZ to have a cat. I have seen on performance exhaust websites upgraded downpipes for your car, COBB downpipe With Cat Stainless Steel 3" to 2 1/2" Fiesta ST 2014-2019 on the CJ PONY website for $495US. Its a great easy way to add Horse Power to your Feista ST and its the start to a full performance exhaust. I used CJ PONY for engine upgrades as the US Focus ST has the 2.0L Ecoboost same as my Mondeo and got the idea to change the Blow Off Valve to the TURBOSMART Kompact Shortie Dual Port. With that I now here some blow off noise and love it but its not for everyone. I'm DJ NEZZ the Kiwi From New Zealand.
  8. Thanks for the welcomes. Here's some photos of my 2019 Mondeo Titanium. My nick name is DJ Nezz because I like House and Drum & base music going back to the mid 90's when it started. You can call me The Kiwi if you like. The Kiwi from Auckland, New Zealand, The Home Of The America's Cup.
  9. Hi Del, thanks for your welcome. I hope I can share what it is like to be a Ford Enthusiast Down Under.
  10. Hello Ford Owners, I'm Grant from Auckland, New Zealand. Six months ago I traded my 2009 Mondeo 2.3L Auto, Petrol Zetec for a new Mondeo Titanium 2.0L, Auto, Petrol, Hatch in Magnetic with 19" wheels and 177KW (240PS). It is a really good car. I have done some mods already and had a retune and Dyno and now have 210KWs and 420NM of torque, 280PS and 310FT-LB on the crankshaft. At the wheels is about 15% less. It has really good power now and drives great. Our models here are different than the UK, EU, and US and now the Titanium (top model) is discontinued here and replaced with the Hybrid. I'm DJ NEZZ from New Zealand.
  11. Hello Mondeo owners, I'm Grant from Auckland, New Zealand and 6 months ago I brought a new 2019 Mondeo Titanium 2.0L 177KW (240PS) Petrol Hatch in Magnetic. I have done some mods and had a retune and now I have 210KWs (280PS). My most recent mod is the TURBOSMART Dual Port Blow Off Valve TS-0203-1061. Its the best of both worlds - plumb back and vent to atmosphere 50% - 50%. I had a 2009 MK4 2.3L Petrol Hatch before I got the Titanium, lucky to have it as now the Hybird is the top model here. I'm DJ NEZZ from New Zealand.