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  1. I’ve ordered an ignition switch so I’ll swap it over. Hopefully it works
  2. Thanks for the advice. If I replace the ignition switch does anything need programming?
  3. Still nothing. I’ve also noticed when I position the key to II the cluster & fuel pump doesn’t kick in unless the key is turned a little bit past II without starting the car. It’s almost like there’s another position between II & III. Is this normal?
  4. So would you say it’s definitely a problem with the key and not anything else? I’ve only just bought the key off eBay aswell 🙄
  5. Thanks for the help, yeh both contacts are touching the battery and then circuit bored and still nothing
  6. Yeh it’s a new battery, I’ve completely no idea why it won’t enter learning mode
  7. Hi, I've needed to replace my key, for some reason my car won't enter learning mode to reprogram the remote to the vehicle. I've tried all the variations of turning the key from 0-2 etc but still nothing. I've also replaced my fuses in the cabin and disconnected then reconnected my rf receiver in the headliner. Any ideas would be great appreciated it's a pain unlocking the car manuelly with the key. Thanks
  8. So far I've replaced all the fuses in the cabin, replaced my battery as I needed a new one anyway and I've re-soldered the connections on the board for the instrument cluster and the problem is still there 🙃
  9. Thanks for the advice 👍 Before I try to replace/repair the cluster do you know which pins I need on the connector in order to test 12Volt power?
  10. Hi, I have a 2006 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec. It's recently encountered a problem when turning the ignition on. When I turn the car over there is a slight delay in the instrument cluster (around 30 seconds). This delay stops all the dials from working. On the cluster the ignition arrow is showing and the EML is on, but everything then returns to normal after around 30 seconds. I've checked all the fuses and none seem to be burnt out. Has anybody got any ideas? Thanks