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  1. I've sorted it! The problem was that I was expecting the system to work like any other sat nav. However, in order to set a destination by voice, one has to press the button as usual and then say "Find An Address" at which point the system then asks you to say a street address. It then finds this (and to be fair it found it exactly) and asks you to press the button again and say "set as destination", at which point it then calculates the route. So it works, after a fashion. I'm putting it down as another FOMOCOism...
  2. Hi, I've started using the voice control on my Mk 4 focus and it works well for making phone calls or changing audio sources. However, when asking to navigate me somewhere it is atrocious, and I mean comically bad. I'll ask, for example "navigate me to Carlise" and it will return suggestions that bear absolutely no relation to the word I have spoken, at one point it suggested my nearest Greggs. I'm going to make a video tomorrow to show you what I mean but what I have noticed is that it seems to be trying to match my requests to Points of Interest, rather than geographical destinations. Does anyone know if I've somehow set it to query POIs only rather than destinations? Or is it just total bobins? I had a 2011 plate Mondeo back in the day that had better voice recognition than this, so I'm hoping it's something I'm doing wrong.
  3. Right now...? Lol Thanks for all the replies! It seems that cruise is the way forward for efficiency, exempting the hill case of course. Just trying to work out if plod would accept further experimentation as "essential"
  4. Afternoon all! On my now very quiet daily drive to work I've been pondering whether cruise control gives better economy or not than the old foot control. Driving for 15 miles down a deserted A1 at 65 mph using cruise and monitoring the instantaneous figures looks like it's slower to get to 99.9mpg on downhill bits than is that case if I'm driving manually. What's everyone's opinion on this? I might do some science and brim the tank (which'll cost about £4.53 at the moment) and then do some A/B testing. It would be good to get others' thoughts on this! Cheers!
  5. My Mk2 had the same issue. The garage removed the whole assembly and like @Ennvoqation I made do with a long flat-head screwdriver. It was a bit clunky but it worked well enough!
  6. Thanks for the tip mate. What is Ford CRC though? I've not heard of that.
  7. Hi All! Just a cautionary tale for this dark and rainy Monday night. After being driven to boredom by the current situation, and after finding a YT video on the hidden testing menu in Sync 3 I decided that it would be a lark to change the skin of my Sync 3 system. This was A Bad Idea. I changed it to the ST skin and the screen went all low-res and stopped responding to touch, I tried shutting down and restarting, but it was still the same. A sheen of sweat formed on my brow - the car is less than 4 weeks old and I was about to have to tell my Mrs that although I've worked in IT for 20 years, and have bricked all manner of devices, I'd managed to do it again on our precious new possession. However! A quick google for a button-activated reset procedure yielded the "push the volume button in and press the next track button" equivalent of the ol' three-finger salute and after a few tense bottom moments, the screen sprang into life with the correct skin present and all functionality restored. Let this be a lesson to anyone else foolish enough to spend this enforced downtime fiddling with things that are hidden for a reason. Don't do it! Stick to looking at naked ladies/gents (delete according to gender and/or preference) on the internet! Here endeth the lesson.
  8. I think the OP may be in a country that doesn't have lockdown yet 🙂
  9. Welcome to the forum! I took delivery of an ST-Line X earlier in the month and have to agree - I love it! There are a few little software gremlins that occasionally rear their ugly head but as far as the driving experience goes I just love it. Enjoy the car (if you can at the moment!) and enjoy the forums too - there is some excellent advice available on here.
  10. Hi all. Hope you're all safe and well. Just to add my twopenneth-worth - my MY2020 ST-Line X developed this fault over the weekend. "Emergency Call System Failure" and the light on the call button is now illuminated red. I didn't notice any issues with the speakers but I notice that the car has stopped checking into the app - it thinks that it's 5 miles away and has an empty tank, neither of which are true (I hope lol!) I'll take it in once the current situation has (hopefully) stabilised. It's not like I'm using the car much at the moment anyway! Reading the other posts here I suspect the telematics module has gone bad, but I'll update you all when I have an answer.
  11. Replying to one's self - but I've found the answer in the thread mentioned by Alex.S: In my case I realised that this was only happening when I'd taken my seat belt off to open the gate at work then park in the yard! Doh! Mods, please feel free to lock this thread. Lesson learned - always search before posting!
  12. If auto-hold is engaged (green light in the dash) then it turns into a red parking brake when I switch the ignition off, but if auto-hold isn't engaged then the EPB doesn't kick in. Kinda makes sense!
  13. Ah thanks, I should have searched. I'll see if I can find it.
  14. Ahh gotcha, thanks. And manufacturers being manufacturers, if it ain't mandatory....
  15. Hi, sorry for posting my second question in as many minutes! I have a few things to ask... I've noticed that my MkIV Focus doesn't have headlamp washers. I then noticed that my good lady's new-ish car doesn't have them either, despite being one of those "quality" German marques. Are they no longer a thing? I'd have thought that in our Wonderful World of Health and SafetyTM they'd be a standard fit these days?