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  1. Hi Nician, Do you mean the option is greyed out again? Or has the license disappeared from your app?
  2. Sorry, without wanting to hijack the thread that's the one I was looking for 🙂
  3. Hi There! Do you have a link to the forscan forum where they discuss switching on the driver assistance pack? I'd be very interested in exploring that. I've had a look on the forscan site but it would be great to get a proper link. Thanks,
  4. I have it, but it's greyed out for me too. Tapping the little "i" reveals that one is supposed to subscribe to the service via the FordPass app, but I can see no option to do so. The manual is predictably useless on the topic - does Ford have a technical support helpline anywhere? I'd like to get this working too - currently the satnav just drops in the odd "Warning" whenever it detects an issue, but gives no guidance on what that warning is, which is less than helpful. Nician - what's the FordPass Pro app? Edit: I've just found this on the Ford Connect website: So I'm wondering if either they've delayed it from Feb 2020, or if its related to this nebulous requirement for a "suitable driver display". Does anyone know what they mean by this?
  5. That's good to hear! Tbh, I was starting to question why I cared so much - the car is so much fun to drive so I think that should be the important thing! I think it's a case of a little knowledge is a dangerous thing in my case, as I had been led to believe by various reviews and articles that MLRS was the suspension of the gods and felt a little bit cheated that I might not have it. I'm still going to stick my head under the machine tonight though, if only to make my neighbours think that I have some sort of clue about these things. I might bring out an old socket set for appearances' sake too! 😂
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply! I'll have a look later on and update you.
  7. Yeah I do - but I am as mechanically minded as a sausage so I'd need some help to know where to look and what to look for 🙂
  8. Hi, I had thought that my MY2020 St-Line X 1.5 182PS car was equipped with the multi-link rear suspension, but have just found the following article from October 2019: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/ford-focus-prices-increased-entry-variant-dropped which states: Which seems to indicate that as of mid-2019 only the 2.0 litre diesel has been equipped with it. Is there any way to tell which suspension my car has? Thanks 🙂
  9. Now you mention it there is a funny shape dent that's suddenly appeared in the bonnet! Also someone has replaced my engine with a diesel I think because it's making a horrible rattling noise at idle. 😁
  10. When do these models become available for purchase? I just got a 20 Plate St-Line X and the only thing I miss from my old Golf GTD is the digital dashboard. Gah! Still, as someone who has worked in IT for many a year I am well aware there's never a right time to buy things!
  11. It was on an A road and I was stuck behind a lorry so I couldn't have been going more than 55 when I started to accelerate to overtake, then realising I needed more RPM I shifted after a few seconds so probably going 60-65 at that point? I definitely heard the engine start to go bananas when I shifted though. I might take the car our for a spin on some quiet country roads tonight to see how fast 2nd will take me - that might make me feel better 🙂
  12. Hi All, Whilst overtaking a lorry the other day, I accidentally shifted from 5th into 2nd, but realising my error managed to dip the clutch again before the engine popped out of the bonnet. This is the first time I've done this in over 20 years of driving. This left me wondering - I know the ECU won't allow the engine to get higher than the rev limit in normal driving - i.e. through application of the loud pedal, but what would have happened if I had been even more stupid than I was and fully engaged the clutch after changing gear like an idiot?
  13. I've sorted it! The problem was that I was expecting the system to work like any other sat nav. However, in order to set a destination by voice, one has to press the button as usual and then say "Find An Address" at which point the system then asks you to say a street address. It then finds this (and to be fair it found it exactly) and asks you to press the button again and say "set as destination", at which point it then calculates the route. So it works, after a fashion. I'm putting it down as another FOMOCOism...
  14. Hi, I've started using the voice control on my Mk 4 focus and it works well for making phone calls or changing audio sources. However, when asking to navigate me somewhere it is atrocious, and I mean comically bad. I'll ask, for example "navigate me to Carlise" and it will return suggestions that bear absolutely no relation to the word I have spoken, at one point it suggested my nearest Greggs. I'm going to make a video tomorrow to show you what I mean but what I have noticed is that it seems to be trying to match my requests to Points of Interest, rather than geographical destinations. Does anyone know if I've somehow set it to query POIs only rather than destinations? Or is it just total bobins? I had a 2011 plate Mondeo back in the day that had better voice recognition than this, so I'm hoping it's something I'm doing wrong.
  15. Right now...? Lol Thanks for all the replies! It seems that cruise is the way forward for efficiency, exempting the hill case of course. Just trying to work out if plod would accept further experimentation as "essential"