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  1. Hey guys I know it's been a while just though I'd give an update Jw is 100% about not having and egr valve issue was a cracked head
  2. Hi guys, just a quick update got the car going after a long day I found my problem was a small crack in a vacuum hose. Which was opening when the engine was running. Hopefully this post might help some else in the future
  3. I've only just started using Forscan traditional I used launch
  4. Ya I think it is too. Not sure how to do that with Forscan but I know I can do it on launch my old man has that at the moment I'm going to pick it up this evening. Do you know roughly what pressure it should be looking for? The engine had new head and new bearings and both belts fitted I put my timing pin into it to make sure the timing was correct while it was on the floor.
  5. Getting a good flow from tank when I take the quick release off on the line the flow hits the scuttle panel. To start the car the throttle has to be open or it just stays turning
  6. Pump them up to the correct pressure and get a spray bottle with soapy water, give the wheels a good spray especially around the rim and valve if you see bubbles go straight back to the centre that fitted them and get them to sort them out. Probably a lack of clean when fitting the tyres
  7. Hi guys, Just wondering if someone can help me got a 2012 focus 1lt ecoboost. Brought the car not going head cracked no compression. Got recon engine from a firm I've used a few times in the past with no problems but engine turns firs up runs for 2 to 3 seconds and dies as if it runs out of petrol. Not getting any codes up on forscan, I am getting petrol to the high pressure fuel pump. Anyone got any ideas as what could be wrong Thanks for your help Patrick
  8. Hi guys just wondering if anyone one here has had experience with the 1.0 ecoboost turning into a steam engine. I know there is an issue with the head cracking in these but does anyone know where the egr valve and cooler is located on the engine
  9. Hi guys looking for torque setting for conrod on 1.25 09 fiesta can't find them anywhere hopefully someone here might know them Thanks
  10. Hi guys I've got a 2013 titanium x sports mondeo 2.0 tdci 163bhp battery die on me last December. I was away on holiday for 2 weeks came back and car won't start jumps started the car and drove home roughly 55miles. Next day started no problem. But Being winter I went to my local Ford dealer and got a replacement. My question is is there any common faults known that causes the battery to drain
  11. Hi I'm new to this. Just wondering dose anyone know if the injector pump and injectors themselves coded on my 2013 1.6 tdci focus. If they are can I recode them using launch x431 pro
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