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  1. It's not listed under the MK8 1.0 products for some reason, you have to manually search it. It's a real shame about the ST map mate , none of the new Mountune remaps seem to be warranted.
  2. They do a remap for the 125ps model which is warranty approved. Sadly the M235 package they do for the ST is not even approved by Ford
  3. The 140 MK8's are pretty much at their limit power wise. A stage 1 remap won't give you more than about 10-20bhp extra and about 50nm of torque. I spoke to the Belgian rally team who use the ST Lines as a base for the R4 package by Msport when I picked up the ST (the garage delivers their cars) and they told me the standard gearbox will only take about 215nm of torque reliably. Also the absolute max for the standard internals on that engine is 170bhp, that's a stage 2. Any more and you're due to blow it up sometime soon. There's no warranty approved remaps for the 140 model right now.
  4. When I first got into the car it actually made me reconsider buying it just because of the seat issue. But I decided to take the risk and swap the seats for non Recaro ones if I really couldn't get used to it. But after about a week I didn't even notice how tight they are around the hips anymore and I absolutely love them. My girlfriend for example doesn't really like them. Not because of the hips issue but because she's quite small and the bolster only start widening up above her shoulder which forces her arms forward.
  5. I've owned the MK8 ST Line with a stage 1 remap (145bhp / 235nm) for 7 months and made the switch to the ST about 2 months ago. Even though the ST Line is a blast to drive and is definitely quite nippy, it is a completely different experience compared to the ST. Steering is so much faster, suspension is tighter, exhaust note is loads of fun and the power delivery is a lot smoother. The 55 bhp and 55nm might not sound like much, but combined with the diff it does make for a completely different driving experience. Which doesn't mean there isn't any other great cars on the market as you've stated of course!
  6. Hi, Was wondering whether anyone has done a resonator (centre muffler) delete on the 1.0 ecoboost? On either the current MK8 version or the Zetec (S). If so, is there any sound difference? I'm just looking for a subtle change in tone. Thank you in advance!
  7. When I got mine remapped they told me to run it on 98 because of the extra boost. The did tell me standard 1.0's are fine to run on 95 and there would be little to no difference with premium.
  8. There's a little tab at the back of it which you have to press down on before pulling it out.
  9. Hi everyone, I've never changed my stock wheels on a car before so everything is quite new to me. Most of the numbers seem pretty straight forward but I was wondering whether anyone can confirm whether 17" wheels with an offset of ET22 would fit on the Fiesta MK8 ST Line? Think stock is around ET43. Thanks you in advance!
  10. As Gary suggests I'd get a panel air filter by K&N or a dry panel filter by Ram Air. Putting a cold air intake into the ecoboost engine compartment will just cause heat soak. Are you rather looking for a performance or sound difference?
  11. Hello, I have the chance to buy a stock MK8 Fiesta ST exhaust and am considering to try to put this onto my MK8 1.0 ecoboost ST Line. I realise it probably will require some modifications (the rear valance being the obvious one), but I was wondering whether anyone has any idea how I could get the valves to work? I realise there's no physical buttons on the ST line to open up the valves so I wonder whether it can be done using Forscan? The OEM valve motor is included with the exhaust. Would an aftermarket valve controller be an option as well? Cheers!
  12. Hi everyone, Late last year I bought my first Ford Fiesta and I couldn't be happier with it! It's a race red MK8 ST-Line which has had a BR-Performance remap and is currently putting out 145 bhp and 234NM. Other mods which I've done include; Mountune primary & secundary induction hoses Mountune turbo elbow Mountune panel filter MTC crossover pipe Custom airbox - engine cover Paintmodz airbox & coolant cover Airtec Torque mount AEM OBD2 boost gauge. NB Styling bonnet struts. If anyone has any questions regarding these, please feel free to hit me up! Cheers, Nick