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  1. Fitting Parking Sensors To Fiesta Mk7

    I just want to thank lollapalooza for his time and great posts, I have a '59 plate Zetec S, panther black, had it from new and is mainly used as a second car. In my opinion, any position other than the factory locations on the Zetec S, spoil the look of the bumper, so have been searching for a solution for ages, the dealer fit X-vision ones go across the bumper and don't look factory at all, so did not personally want to go down this route, to retrofit the original system would be close to impossible as CAN pathways are utilized and lesser spec cars have different looms and modules, so, just not worth it.. The great thing about the Bosch Park Pilot URF 7, other than the quality of the components, looms e.t.c. is the fact they are able to function low down in the factory positions, so it was a great find by lollapalooza, I now have a Zetec S that looks almost identical to one ordered with factory sensors. The factory markings are clearly visible on the Zetec S diffuser and bumper, so there is no room for positional error. I was present when my body shop did the work in Westcliff-on-Sea. The Bosch URF 7 can be colour coded to match the colour of the diffuser and rear bumper and as I said, work really well. For anyone like me who wants the factory look, go for the URF 7 from Bosch, great bit of kit! Thanks lollapalooza.. LEGEND!!!
  2. Headlight Bulbs blowing on MK7 Fiesta

    Thanks to all for the information, recently bought a pair of resistor wires with Finis code above, for £24.38 all in, I fitted these along with a new set of Philips X-tremeVision+100% H7 to replace the blown PIAA Extreme White Plus. I did not mind paying for the parts, as I had already carried out a couple of bulb changes/bulb upgrades following the very early information on here by bigjock (Thanks mate, your experiences of bulb changes on the MK7 helped me back then) nearly 2 years ago, anyway, just did not want any potential hassle with the dealer over this, my peace of mind is worth more than £24.38 Lol.. As long as this 'fix' works and the H7 bulbs last longer, I'm happy. Thanks again to all that posted on this, would have never known about the 'fix' otherwise. :)