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  1. That's great, thanks for the info! If I'm taking the DPF off the car anyway, if it does indeed still have its core, am I able to follow other advise I've heard and blast it's insides with a pressure washer to try and remove any ash residue?
  2. Hmm okay, I was worried about that 🤦 I completed a successful static regeneration using forscan so thought that was 'proof' that the DPF must have its core, am I right in thinking that's not entirely right? Thanks again.
  3. Sorry to jump on this thread, but if the differential pressure is permanently on a fixed number, in your opinion what would this indicate? Thanks.
  4. May sound really stupid but how would I know if that's the case? 🤦 I'd assumed since it successfully completed a forced static regen (automatically boosted revs for a good 20 mins, stank out the tail pipe ect and then into the cooling with the fans for the remainder) that it must have all the guts inside the DPF? Or could it still have been stripped? Thanks for the reply, pulling my hair out with this motor 😅
  5. Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place, still new to the site. I've a 2008 Mondeo 2.0 TDCI, bought private and days after buying the engine management light came on, plugged into FORScan and had code P2002, (Diesel particulate filter below threshold bank 1). I've replaced the hoses from the DPF to the DPS as they were shot, cleared the code but within days its back, now this is where things become interesting, I checked the differential pressure over the DPF with FORScan and my reading was 0.0kpa regardless of rpms ect, so I replaced it with an honestly cheap aftermarket part, which gave me a brief low reading BEFORE I reset the values through FORScan (I did forget I needed to 'relearn' the new sensor so drove the car for maybe 10miles), once I'd 'relearned' it though I had no readings and the car kept giving me an 'engine malfunction' warning on my display and 2 DTC's, my usual p2002 and a new p2454 (particulate filter pressure sensor A circuit low). So I purchased a genuine sensor and following other advise I've managed to glean offline, I've fitted that, relearned that to the ECU, reset the values of the DPF (Having done a forced regen) which has got me back to no engine malfunction warning and has gotten rid of P2454 code but I'm still stuck with P2002, If anyone could please point me in a direction to look at I'd be grateful because this car is turning into the biggest headache and project car! Thanks in advance!
  6. Check the pressure hoses from the DPF to the differential pressure sensor, they tend to perish over time 🤞 eBay some silicone replacement hoses and new jubilee clips and replace them if the car is high mileage it'd be worth a try for less than £20, then just reset the codes through forscan and take the car for a run and hopefully that will be your cause.
  7. Fantastic! I was definitely on tender hooks 😂 Will keep you posted either way as hopefully not but may still need your wisdom 🙈👍
  8. Thanks for the response, unfortunately it had no impact on the pressure still giving me a reading of 0.0kpa, I then also tried a reset of the learned values on the DPS (after completing the regen to see if that would maybe 'kick the sensor into life' sort of thing but no still happily giving me a 0.0 reading) I was a little nervous of running a forced regen being unsure if the dpf had been gutted but I did keep a fire extinguisher to hand 😂 it took about 25 minutes to complete and seemed to do everything I've seen and watched, it also reset my last regen back to 0km ago. Unfortunately I'm the only one in the family with a diesel engine but as you mentioned luckily these DP sensors aren't a break the bank component so I think it may be worth changing it and hoping I've found my source 🤞 Will update as I go, and thanks again!
  9. Great, thanks for that! I was dubious about pulling the glow plug fuse so have left that alone for the time. I ran a forced regen on the car earlier and it completed successfully, fan's run, rev'd up and smelt ect so am I right in assuming that suggests the dfp hasn't been gutted out? Cheers again.
  10. I could try this but if removing the glow plug fuse indeed stops the car struggling to start I'm still alittle confused as to what my issue is? As being a diesel surely it requires the glow plugs, correct me if I'm wrong? Or am I missing something obvious like removing that fuse and the car starts perfect = glow plugs are shot? Total novice here guys 😂 thanks in advance!
  11. Is there a way to check if the dpf has been gutted out (I only bought this car 3 weeks ago, dpf's are new to me and this issue popped up the day after purchase from private seller! Starting to think I've been had 😔) I changed the pressure pipes and indeed they were completely perished but it's not rectified my issue, I'm inclined to think the sensor may be the issue, just trying to source some more experienced advise around this issue before condemning and changing the sensor to possibly find I still have the code present and active 😅 thanks again!
  12. Thanks for that, will have a look and check the connection. Might sound like a dumb question but I've seen on other forums people saying they have washed there sensors and let them dry out before refitting them, is this advisable? And if so do I need to reset the learned values of the pressure sensor through forscan? Another little hiccup, I did notice for a split second upon firing up the engine I managed to get a reading of 0.1kpa but it was momentary before it resumed it's 0.0 regardless of rpm ect? Thanks again Lisa.
  13. Hi, total newbie to all this so after some advise if possible 😊 I try to do most things on my own with abit of input from my dad. Bought a 58 reg 2.0tdci 140bhp Mondeo, it's now throwing out code P2002: diesel particulate filter below threshold bank 1. I've changed the hoses from the dpf to the dps and they were completely perished, cleared the code but within a day code popped back up, after experimenting with forscan I've managed to check the dpf pressure and it's giving me a reading of 0.0kpa, car on ignition off but still remains at 0.0kpa with the ignition on and revs up to 3000rmp no change to pressure? Does this seem indicative of a knackered DPS? Not sure if it's relevant or not but it's also having intermittent difficult starts, cranks and sometimes fires up other times can hear it draining battery so have to stop and give it a minute (I actually changed the battery as a just incase to begin with but that's now been crossed off the possibility list!) And advise or direction of possible look at's would be appreciated. Thanks.