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  1. Hi I have a 2012 focus 1.0 ecoboost had Aircon regassed but only blowing cold out of passenger side it starts to blow cold out of driver's side then it goes warm took it back to the garage they said it's the compressor any ideas thanks
  2. It will be coming in from behind the bumper there are two cents one in each side they leak in fill up with water and end up in the boot there is a grommet under the car pull that out pull the insulation out through the grommet hole sorted
  3. Hi all I had my air con regassed a couple of days ago on my MK3 focus but it isn't blowing cold I can hear the clutch engage on the compressor and the garage that filled it said it held pressure I can't hear the fan kick in on the radiator could that have something to do with it thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply I will give it a go took it to a mechanic he put a diagnostic on it with live data went through it all and switched it off if it comes back on I will try sensor as it is saying bank 1 thanks again for reply
  5. Hi I have this code p0420 on my ford focus 1.0 ecoboost on a 2012 is it an O2 lambda sensor or could it be the cat is end of it"s life nothing wrong with the car running great just the EML came on cheers
  6. I have a 2012 1.0 focus ecoboost 125 bhp that needs a clutch I have ordered a clutch gave my registration when ordered they sent a 3 part clutch with springs in the clutch plate my problem is are the 125 bhp dual mass and if they are do I have the wrong clutch thanks
  7. Hi I have purchased a used gearbox but the last two letters are different on the gearbox code mine is pd and the one I have purchased is pf will it fit thanks
  8. Hi I have a 1ltr ecoboost focus 6 speed I have noticed today when driving a whining/rattling noise coming from transmission when I push the clutch in it goes away can't hear when in neutral clutch in or out is this a replacement gearbox thanks
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