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  1. Happy Birthday DeeBe!

  2. In the little cubby hole just behind your left shoulder, theres another keyhole inside of it which will let you open your boot.
  3. Upgrade 6000Cd 2008 New Shape Focus

    Check eBay my friend, they do all kinds on there, or if your budget can stretch, you can get Ford specific DVD MP3 stereos packed full of features.
  4. Focus 1.6ltr poor mpg

    Well mine (1.6 16v Petrol, 99bhp) returns around 22-26mpg in town according to the computer and I am inclined to believe it too. This is mostly very short journeys. I still think this is shocking. Its been serviced very recently. I am fed up with it. It had been 7 years since I last had a Ford, I'm now thinking this wasn't long enough. I am actually appalled at the way the 1.6 drinks fuel. I drive like a nun, but nothing makes any difference. It's even crap on a long run. I'm desperate to get shot of the damn thing now. I had a 1.9TDi Octavia before this which was MUCH better on fuel. Dave
  5. Fuel Filter

    I know Graham, I was just asking if others know this also! I assume as it's been posted already that it's part of the pump assembly. Top quality service kit by the way matey. Thanks! Dave
  6. Fuel Filter

    Hello folks! As per the title, I have ordered a service kit from Ford Parts Centre, and was told that there was no part listed for a fuel filter for my vehicle! I found this strange, but upon my mate looking under the car (Jennings Ford Mechanic) he confirmed this to be the case, and that he cannot ever remember replacing one on a petrol 1.6! Does anyone else know this?! I was astounded!!! Don't bother looking for one - it ain't there! I was then wondering how the fuel is filtered as it must be somehow!! Any ideas?! Dave
  7. Delayed Acceleration

    No problem. I knew it would be, it takes some getting used to!
  8. Cable Or Drive By Wire??

  9. Isofix Not Installed On 57 Plate

    It was a free option when new, but some don't have it for some reason. Mine didn't, but dealers stock the kits, @ around £15. Two bolts to fix in and thats it. Dave
  10. Knocking Steering Wheel

    I'm still thinking a broken coil spring on your suspension. Have you checked them?
  11. St Wheels Wanted

    The picture on eBay doesn't do them justice! Dave
  12. Noise From 1.6 Petrol

    I took it to my mechanic. It seems I was driving it 'wrong' (no joke!) I drove Diesels for years and lived on the clutch, (simply lifting the clutch pedal would result in a good bit of movement), so as a result, I was keeping the revs too low in my petrol Focus, and it was the engine 'pinking'! The car is fine! Thanks for the suggestions though guys. Ha ha ha! I'm so stupid sometimes!!! Dave
  13. Delayed Acceleration

    I've noticed it in a few new cars. Is it not because of the fly-by-wire system? I drove a friends car with a throttle cable the other day and I was surprised at how quick the pedal force was transferred to the throttle on the engine. I assume with newer cars the delay may simply be the computers 'thinking' time. Dave.
  14. Noise From 1.6 Petrol

    Evening all. I nooticed whilst driving this evening, that everytime I throttle on (either revving from tickover or applying throttle after changing gear) I get a sort of 'clunk/rattle' like when an engine is about to stall. Its like a metallic knock, and only lasts a split second. There is no problems such as loss of power etc. and there are no DTC's. It sounds like its coming from the engine, but I have no idea what it could be. Any ideas you knowledgable lot?? Cheers, Dave.
  15. St Wheels Wanted

    18" ST style wheels & tyres I got these ones on my '56 Zetec 1.6. Theyre great and a lot cheaper (brand new + new tyres) Dave