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  1. Update: Just flushed and filled the system with brand new coolant. While i was underneath taking the hose off to flush the system, I saw that my oil pan screws are stained pink, i looked up and the thermostat is leaking, not a lot, I would say I lost about 500ml of coolant over 3 months. How hard is the thermostat to replace? The coolant reservoir is okay, it holds pressure. Might put some rad weld to see how that goes. Edit: Just looked it up and it possibly is the thermostat housing which needs replacing.
  2. I dont think it would be the aircon. I dont have aircon enabled as I start the car. Any compression tester would work?
  3. I don't think its the head gasket, oil is the correct colour and there isnt any mis fires, smoke or anything that could indicate a blown head gasket.
  4. Hi, recently I've noticed a water sloshing around when I start the car. Seems to dissapear or go less noticeable after I start it. Read about it online and its due to air inside the system, meaning there is a leak somewhere. Checked the coolant reservoir, its below minimum marking. Engine temp is normal. I don't see any puddles of coolant underneath my car. Where could this leak be or where is a good place to start looking.
  5. Could you find which one you used? I'm also looking at this one https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-746-castrol-transmax-dex-iii-multivehicle-car-automatic-gearbox-oil-atf-formerly-tq-diii.aspx
  6. I'm looking to change my power steering fluid but i am unsure which power steering fluid to use. When I go on the halfords website and input my reg plate it prompts me to these two. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-and-fluids/gearbox-oil/comma-fully-synthetic-mvmtf-75w90-plus-1l-251832.html https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-and-fluids/gearbox-oil/halfords-transmission-and-power-steering-fluid-1l-262407.html would those be okay to use?
  7. I didnt see any swarf in the fluid, the fluid is dark in colour however.
  8. Yes the level is above minimum marking. I'm getting a lot of answers, from the steering column going dry and needs lubrication, auxiliary drive belt needing replacement to the steering pump itself or just simply changing the oil. I think the easiest would be lubricating the steering column so I could try that.
  9. I have recently bought a 2008 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 When I start the car cold, and move the steering about while standing still you cant really hear any whining although if you listen closely you can. When the car heats up, however, that's when the whining starts to become more noticeable and there is also a slight vibration of the steering wheel when turning (while stationary). When I do speed up the noise goes away (it probably still is there but cant hear it due to tire noise etc) and the steering wheel vibrations go away. It only happens at slow speeds 0-5mph. The car has be
  10. Thank you for your help I'll order this let you know if it worked. I have tried 3 different cables and still the same issue so this must be the aux port.
  11. I recently bought a 2008 1.4 ford fiesta zetec. It comes with the sony 6cd gen 2 radio. I tried to plug my phone into the aux port however I heard no sound from it. When I put the aux cable in, It felt very loose and I could pull it out easily. When I turned the volume all the way I could hear the music very slightly. And when I took the cable out I heard static. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
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