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  1. Recommended Offset

    Thanks for clearing up how offset/ET is measured cause none of us know ET38-42 is the range most people get their aftermarket alloys at, which has been derived by trial and error. Owners seeking a wider track 'stance' either for perfomance reasons, aesthetics or both. Ford's offset set is irrelevant, they will have chosen which ever wheels for a multiple of reasons. financially(cheaper), strength or durability(warranty), stay well within the tolerances of road vehicle regulations(spray suppression) and so on and so on. ET38 will not foul the arches even when lowered thats why they are 'RECOMMENDED'
  2. Same as b3njy, I have had mine on for weeks and I also bought them from PJE per4mance aswell. As mentioned the tighten up the suspension a treat and improve steering.
  3. Help!!!

    Yes, it hangs just below the rear valance/diffuser.
  4. I have had my PCM/ECU reflashed, but I am running a bit of a different setup to most, I sent my PCM/ECU to Germany(European-parts) who I believe sent it onto Komo-tec also in Germany to be reflashed as part of the supercharger kit. Just out of interest what performance modifications are you running?
  5. It should only be the Exhaust warranty that would be void but you should have a years warranty from the exhaust supplier. I've had my Milltek system on for well over a year with the original sensor and never had any issues as of yet, the OEM lambda not lasting long with an aftermarket exhaust is absolute tosh. The only thing I would say is that if your car is modded without complimentary remap/reflash, you could be running rich sutting the lambda sensor causing false readings to be transmitted to the PCM resulting in poor MPG.
  6. You have to cut two windows in the scuttle panel, best thing to do is offer up the strut brace and place/mount it as best as possible. Then mark the scuttle panel with something like tippex where the two vertical sections(one each side) on the braces turret plates hit the scuttle panel. Remove said panel and cut a window out to accommodate the two vertical sections of the turret plates. Hope that helps.
  7. Ford Fiesta Rr

    What is the red cabling about, sort of looks like you are earthing the Ti-VCT unit.
  8. Changing fog lights on a mk7?

    Best and easiest way is to remove your headlights, which gives you good access to the rear of the foglights.
  9. Fiesta Sport Grille Chrome Inserts

    Yes it is a OEM/Ford part, it has the Ford emblem on the backside. You should have ordered it from European-Parts, like Chris Ecc mine came quickly.
  10. Technical Bods

    They would be the rear shock absorber upper mounting bolts 25NM.
  11. Technical Bods

    If you mean the Lower shock absorber mounting bolts(shock absorber to the axle) 115NM If you mean the Axle pivot through-bolt and nut(axle swinging point) 125NM
  12. Technical Bods

    Rear shock absorber upper mounting bolts 25NM
  13. Wheel offset in basic terms High value offset/ET(eg50mm)=Narrower track/wheels tucked further inwards. Lower value offset/ET(eg25mm)=Wider track/wheels pushed further outwards. Typically if you have a recommended offset range the lowest value(35mm) is usually as wide a track as possible to go to without your tyres hitting the bodywork during steering or/and suspension duties. Another point is that I would have thought 35mm brings the tread section near to the outside edge of the wheel arch, which is effectively the tyres spray suppression, if you mount the 25mm that would probably bring part of the tyre tread section outside the wheel arch which means that spray suppression is ineffective which is illegal.