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  1. That i’m sure that it came from a facelifted fiesta but i’m not sure if the mic is connected to the bluetooth module or no
  2. Ohh ok that figures so the wire part number C1BT-14D557 where does it connect ?
  3. I found this diagram and got me rather confused actually does that mean that the microphone needs to be connected from the back part? Cos i thought that it connects somewhere beneath the glovebox, passes into the passenger side pillar !!
  4. So i’ve installed the sync and now everything works the only thing that i need to do is connect the microphone
  5. So all it needs is the setting with forescan and install the ford sync by any chance do you know where the microphone wiring connects o know it needs to be placed near the interior lights but where is the harness so the mic be connected ?
  6. Hello again, just for an update i’ve installed the sony stereo and it works however the usb port doesn’t work and the bluetooth isn’t working. When i press phone it mutes. Does it mean that i need to install the software and adding sync ? thanks
  7. Hello again i’m currently installing the sony radio. Do i need a module for dab or it is already built in the radio ? Thanks
  8. I found a wiring loom with the bluetooth module on ebay. It came from a 2017 fiesta would it be compatible on my 2013 fiesta ??
  9. Ok cheers for your help :))
  10. Many thanks for your help will try to find the looms and see from there and have you installed the DAB ?
  11. Then afterwards I’ll make the DAB module but i’m in no rush
  12. Therefore since i have the usb and aux together all i need to change is the head unit and buy the BT module only ? And change the loom that i currently have of the usb to the one of BT ?
  13. I have aux and usb for ipod but the radio needs to be changed... infact I found out instead of doing all of the wiring there is less hassle connects2 I think I goes well does it ? Bluetooth module i can manage to find on ebay ..the wiring is a pain in the ***** though 😕😕
  14. So to have ford sync i need a module am i understanding correctly ?