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  1. Mondeo Mk3 Front Seats??

    No worries for going off topic!! Used to a few forums that regularly wander way off topics! lol! Can't remember seeing airbags on the seats in their new mk3??? Will double check though. Either that or wire in the correct plug...there will be a way! :)
  2. Mondeo Mk3 Front Seats??

    Yeah i meant to put mk2 seats to go into a mk3! If they fit then my mum will be happy as she found them far more comfier than the ones in their new mk3. The drivers mk3 is ok as that has adjustable lumbar support but its the passenger one thats uncomfortable as there's no lumbar adjust. Cheers for the reply! :)
  3. Hi all, My parents have just bought a mk3 mondeo to replace their older mk2 but my mum cannot get on with the passenger seat as it seems to dig into her back quite a lot!?! Its ok for me when i sit in there but i'm taller. Their mk3 is a 2005 1.8 LX. My mum wants to know if mk3 mondeo sits can be bolted in or are they completely different?? She's not even bothered about a difference in colour. Its hurting her back so much that if she doesn't find a 'fix' she wants to sell the car on!!! She doesn't like seats that hug your bum either like sports seats etc. Help??!! Mark :)
  4. Lack Of Power, Idling A Little Lumpy Etc

    ok, its been a while since i've been on here but heres a little update! Took the car to Ford and they found nothing wrong at all apart from they said my ecu was set to run off high octane fuel so they reset it and updated the software etc??!! Car still the same. Took it to a diagnostic rolling road place near me who have done work for me before with lots of success and they couldn't find anything either. They did remove throttle body and clean etc. Car is still the same again. I replaced the air and fuel filters and have just replaced the entire exhaust (minus the manifold cat) as the old backbox was blowing but again, the problem is still there. Seems to not hesitate and then lunge with loads of power now, its more of a constant lack of power. Although the car will still drive perfectly fine at and above motorway speeds. If i'm in a gear for example 3rd at say 30mph and put my foot down hard, to the floor in some cases, the car seems to produce a really low exhaust note almost as if the exhaust was blocked (thats another reason for the exhaust change) and there is no go at all or very little. There is not rattles or clunks from the cat at all. If i put my foot down loads almost to the floor then sometimes i can hear a kind of ticking noise when kinda sounds like marbles clicking together or an electrical sparking sound? Its hard to explain the sound but thats not there all the time. I have today noticed that from the coil side of the engine there is a hissing noise like air leaking out of a tyre but i can't pinpoint its exact location. Not sure if that would have anything to do with it. Also whats the deal with each time i take the petrol cap off it hisses loads...could it have a fuel pressure problem?? The roar from the exhaust when booting it is similar to if you driove without an irbox attached so obviously more air getting in that fuel??? Its frustrtating that no garage these days seem to know what the problem could be as all they all seem to do is hook it up to computer and tell me there's no problems!!!! Sorry for the essay but thats about everything so far! Cheers, Mark :D
  5. Show Us Your First Cars!

    My first car was a 1990 G reg Ford Fiesta LX 1.1 in metallic blue. That was converted to a fiesta si replica having fitted the full body kit and wing backed seats etc! The car was such a pile of rust that it had to be scrapped. Best engine I have ever had in a car...no matter what i put in it, no matter how hard I tried the engine was indestructible!! Then i bought my dads low mileage Mondeo LX and went to town with that thanks to a new credit card! lol! That was a full ST200 replica even down to the blue dials and carbon trim. Engine was tuned and had viper induction, twin exit s/s janspeed etc etc. I still miss that car now but it had to go as i was silly and managed to get myself a 12month ban. I then had a cheap Rover 414 from a mate then was into MG Rover for a while, owning a Rover 45/MGZS replica and then an MGZR which was my girlfriends first car. We now have the fiesta mk6 and love it!!! Well, we will love it when ford diagnose our lack of power problem! Only got a picture from the mondeo onwards so here they are!: And finally the fiesta!: Hopefully the fiesta will be with us for some time as the mileage was soooooooooooo low at only 13k for a 2004 car! Mark :)
  6. Lacking Power...still!

    Hi and thanks for the reply but what is TSB and PCM all mean??? I'm kinda new to modern fords...just moved over from MG Rover which a child could even work on so all these cars with everything being electronically controlled is a bit baffling! I was planning on removing the throttle body and making sure its clean and operating correctly...is there any way the throttle position sensor part can be tested?? If its any help, my car has no throttle cable...thats electronic too. I know the 1.25 has a cable still etc. Many thanks Mark :)
  7. is getting annoyed with fiestas recent lack of power!!! GRR!!!!

  8. Lacking Power...still!

    Doesn't matter if the car is hot or cold and if the weather outside is warm, damp or really cold either.
  9. Lacking Power...still!

    Hi all, I'm still having problems with the fiesta mk6. Started off every so often the car would hesitate a little when accelerating and then would suddenly spring back into life and all would be good for a while. I was told this would probably be the coil, leads or plugs so as they had not been changed before (car is an 04 but has only 15k on the clock) i changed them all and the problem is still here. Its more of a constant lack of power now though. Like something is holding the car back. The car seems to roar more when accelerating than actually moving so wondering if this could be exhaust/cat related? Is there a way to test exhaust/cat etc without removing them from the car??? I've looked under the car and the exhaust isn't a mass of rust and looks pretty good condition. There is no engine light on or anything either. Could fords equipment still diagnose something even if the light isn't on??? I have a universal code reader and thats picking up no faults either but like i say thats only a basic piece of equipment. The problem is happening a lot more often now too rather than once every so often. please help?! Mark :)
  10. Lack Of Power, Idling A Little Lumpy Etc

    Well, the car is still the same. Spark plugs, leads and coil have all been replaced and still having the same problems. When i pull off it seems to feel like something is REALLY holding the car back (almost like its outta fuel) and then if i keep my foot on the gas and don't press it any further, the car is holding back and then kinda jumps into life after a few seconds and everything is fine again. Its !Removed! annoying now as i'm assuming if i take it into Ford it won't do it as the problem is intermittant. I've got a handheld code reader and nothing is showing up on that. The car does seem noisy when its holding back and i push thethrottle further. More of a roar from the exhaust/engine than normal. Could the rear silencer or cat cause these problems if they're breaking up etc?? Help please!!! Mark :)
  11. Lack Of Power, Idling A Little Lumpy Etc

    bump for more help! :D
  12. Decatting...

    Nothing to stop you buying it and then fitting a new cat in place of the decat pipe etc. Either that or the seller may still have the original cat if you ask. I'd try and knock him down a little though if he doesn't have it...you know, play on the fact that you'll have to buy one for insurance and mot etc etc.
  13. Electric Mirrors And Passenger Airbag!

    Bump anyone?? :D
  14. Lack Of Power, Idling A Little Lumpy Etc

    Well, been driving this afternoon and car still lacks power. Its more of a lack of power than misfiring. Does kinda jerk and then all power is there again. Gonna replace spark leads tomorrow as they weren't changed and they look a bit old and brown etc. Will look at throttle body too. About three times in the past two weeks i've smelt egg in the car...i know this could be the cat but does this mean the cat is buggered and causing my problems? It doesn't smell all the time too, no matter how the car is driven. I know car had new oxygen sensor for an mot a few years back? Didn't mention anything about cat etc? Help? Mark :)
  15. Lack Of Power, Idling A Little Lumpy Etc

    Well i've just changed the plugs and coilpack (will do leads but they didn't have any in stock). Anyway, so far when idling the engine no longer slightly judders or anything so thats a start. I have noticed a slight hissing sound from near the coilpack area...is this normal?? I know when i had a mk1 mondeo and had a hissing noise there it was a t-piece breather pipe that had split and caused misfires and poor running etc. Also, there's no MAF on the 1.4 Duratec, there is a TMAP sensor on the throttle body which does the same job and also something to do with air temp etc? Thats all according to the haynes book. There's so much difference in little things between the 1.25 and 1.4 duratec engines. Even my throttle has no cable and is all electronic whereas the 1.25 is cable which in my eyes is far less to go wrong! :) Will take a drive to dealers other branch for the leads and report back if any difference. The old spark plugs were quite dirty and looked like they'd been in there ages. They were NGK standard plugs. I have fitted the NGK Platuinum plugs as they were a good price. Mark :)