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  1. I’ve just pre-ordered those led sequential side indicators from ceuk! I’ve tried again with the reverse light, I can’t get the unit off the car at all... using way too much force and it still won’t budge from one corner.
  2. You are somewhat correct. The rear lights are all LED other than the reverse on mine (not sure on indicators)
  3. Thanks, I’ll give it another go. It’s must be stuck on there good as it’s never been off the car before. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have replacement LEDs for my reverse bulbs. I have watched a few videos on YouTube and it looks like after undoing the wingnut and clip, it just pulls off. However mine does not and looks to be stuck down in the top edge corner. Has anyone replaced their MK8 Reverse lights or had this part off? I can’t even pry it off with a trim tool, so it’s got to be bolted down else where. thanks.
  5. I have fitted footwell LED lights from AutoBeam. They are plugged in and work for a few seconds before going off (same with the cup holder lights) however if I only plug one side in at a time, it works fine. This is a 20 plate, so not sure if anything’s changed with wiring?
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