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  1. Cmax 2005 Towbar Help

    I need to fit one to my 07 facelifted CMax. I fitted one to my old 04 and it was easy. I used a multi pole relay from ebay (£20) They do say to use these rather than putting extra load on the car wiring.
  2. C- Max MPG

    seems to be a lot of variation with MPGs on CMax models. I had an 04 1.6tdci 110BHP which did 40 - 55mpg. I had a mid life crisis and bought an X type Jag but got rid after a few months, bought a cheap Rover 45 (petrol) I recently 'saw the light' and bought an 07 CMax 1.6 tdci (90bhp) and made the following observation: Filled to brim, driven very carefully, 60 - 70 mph on open road, thinking ahead and avoiding braking and harsh acceleration. Drove 260 miles and re filled and noted amount of litres. Did the maths and worked out at 60.5mpg. Book figures are urban 48 extra urban 70 and average 60. The average MPG showed 65mpg. I think these displays are always a bit optimistic. When working out MPG, always do it by filling up and noting mileage, fill up next rtime and note miles driven and litres of fuel used. Divide litres by 4.55 to get gallons and divide distance driven by gallons used. I can do it in my head, saddo I know.
  3. C- Max MPG

    Hi there I have an 04 Cmax 1.6TDCI. I was impressed with the performance for a small diesel and expected high mpg rates. I was a bit disappointed. This is what I get: round town just local trips: 41mpg mixture of local and longer runs: 50mpg Long trip: 55mpg Long trip driving like a saint 60mpg. I once drove to Redditch to see my son. I am in North wales so filled up in Bangor - drove 155 miles - I knew he didng finish work til 5.30 so I wasnt in a hurry to getb there so I drove at 55-65 and tried to anticipate road conditions best I could and really nursed it along. The result? filled up and was shocked to need only 10.75 litres. This worked out at nearly 71mpg. Dont forget this is checking the maths on amount of fuel needed over a given distance not the computer in the car. I was delighted with this but rarely have the patience to drive like that. Typically get 55 on a good run and thats cruising at 70.