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  1. Desperately need someone with electrical know how so going to try posting here as I unfortunately got no response in the Ka section. I have a 2011 Ka tdci, starts first turn of the key but the battery light stays on and the power steering doesn't click on (no fault light though). Switch off and restart (but only within 20 secs) and everything is perfect. If I even just click ignition on, then off and then start everything is ok. The car is charging at 14v even though the light is on. I have tried a new battery and a replacement steering unit but no joy. I have back pinned all the steering unit wires and there are no differences between the faulty or perfect scenarios. My scanner doesnt read the Ka properly but does as a Fiat 500 or Panda. I have no fault codes at all. The only thing of interest when scanning is that in live data the engine status remains at "parking" on first start but changes to "starting" then "running" when things are fine. I'm thinking that on first start up (or delayed restart) for some reason the car doesn't think its charging or even running or got the voltage to power the steering but why is it ok within 20 secs or after simply clicking the ignition on ? After 40 DIY years most mechanicals hold no fear but modern electronics remain a dark art !
  2. Interesting to find that when running but faulty, the scanner shows engine status as parking as opposed to running when everything is ok. I just need to figure out what gives the ecu the message.
  3. Discovered that even if the ignition is just switched on (rather than car started) then off then started everything works ok !
  4. Put in another steering column from a breakers but no joy. My scanner wont read the car as a ford but does as some fiat models. It gives codes U1702 U0019 U0426 and U 1700. They can all be cleared apart from U0019 which it says is a B-can line wiring fault. Really need to try and get some diagrams.
  5. BUMP; Anyone help access wiring ? I can find it for most Fords except the Ka !
  6. Fan issue was just a loose connection. Tried a few different things; steering module is getting a good 12v dropping slightly on cranking. Pins on the multi plug are 12v on one and signal voltage on the rest. Car will start with the heavy +ve and groung cables disconnected. Won't start with the multi plug disconnected and shows the immobiliser red light so obviouslt the steering ecu needs signals from somewhere to work. Still haven't found a proper wiring diagram to see where everything connects. I am tempted just to put a replacement steering column in but the mystery remains as to why the steering ecu solenoid only clicks into operation at the second time of asking.
  7. Found info on fuses and relays online now but no source for wiring diagrams
  8. Charging is irrelevant to it working or not. Issue is that on initial start it doesnt work (and battery light stays on despite charging) but restart within 20 seconds everything is fine. Its on initial start (after 20+ seconds off) that the steering ecu isnt clicking into action.
  9. Alternator is putting out 14.2v on idle and maintains that with all the lights on too. As above, makes no difference if alt is disconnected.
  10. Crikey where do I start ! I have a post on wierd steering/starting and now find the heater fan isnt working either. Every fuse on the car is fine and I've swapped about the relays. I usual get a pdf manual for my cars but just cant find one for the Ka.
  11. Does anyone know where I can access half decent wiring diagrams for a 2010/11 1.3 tdci ? or at the very least be able to identify fuse and relay allocations. I have a haynes manual for petrol models but the wiring diagrams are very basic and don't include a lot of things such as the heater blower or steering motor. I've also wasted money and a whole heap of time getting a manual from emanuals online to finally work only to find that its very basic and doesn't even cover wiring !!
  12. I have a really wierd issue with my 2011 Ka tdci. When I start it it fires up instantly but the battery light stays on and the power steering doesn't work. The steering warning light does not come on and the battery is charging fine, If I switch off and restart within 20 seconds no battery light, steering works fine and battery charges as before. On the second start I can hear and feel an electric click from the electronic steering unit on the colum and another click after I switch off. Leave it more than 20 seconds and theres no click or power steering. I've cleaned all the battery and alternator connections and earths and fitted a new battery. There are no OBD codes showing or pending. The only other unusual thing is that the dash light in general seem to vary at different times as to how long before they extinguish. I've tried starting with the alternator disconnected incase its spiking but made no difference. Is there any fix possible or is it indeed a complete replacement job ? Or is there another possible cause I'm missing ?