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  1. Hi alot of common faults with the focus they do suffer alot of leaks check around the back seat area aswell because another fault is it leaks into the boot under spare wheel and then spills under back seat and runs right down into front footwell if you look on this sight you will find a bit about boot leak and it comes in from behind the back bumper there are 4 vents that are not sealed so the water runs down the back of the light cluster into a ingress around the boot under the back of the car tight in both corners you will find rubber gromits pull them out if ya get covered in water this could be another cause hope this helps
  2. Hi can anyone tell me does the cambelt need changing on focus 1.0 ecoboost mk3 2012 and if so after how many years or what mileage Thanks
  3. Yea when I looked on utube how to replace the rear badge it showed the guy taking the back of the car to pieces I thought sod that and I found this and thought jobs a gooden 🤣
  4. Yea that was the same as mine the chrome outer edge but this is a genuine badge and completely covers the whole badge and sticks right over the whole badge and covers all of it so there's no need to take off the old badge ile try and send ya a pic over
  5. Mine looks much the same but it's made if a pressed tin so looks like old original badge but no doubt in a couple of years it will do the same thing again once the weather and salt get stuck into it 🤣
  6. Yea sorry this one fits directly over the old badge but this one is made of tin not the gel type
  7. Yea sorry it does sound like the gel overlap but this one is made of like tin which covers the whole of the old badge hope this is abit clearer 😂
  8. Here is a picture of the part number of one I got on ebay for £23 give or take a pound back in April its a Ford part that is genuine it lays over the original badge and sticks on but make sure you get it right first time cos it sticks like ***** to a blanket this is not one of the gel stickers it's a proper metal badge overlay good luck getting one Ford dealers want £50
  9. Mine done this on every door on my mk3 so I super glued them on held them there for a few seconds until stuck job done that was 2 year ago all good 👍
  10. Mot advisory Can anyone shed a light on o/s rear ferule corroded I've looked on utube just says the metal bit at the end of brake hose can I wire brush it down then wd40 or grease it up or would I be better of to change the brake hose Thanks
  11. Common fault on the focus 2011 onwards behind the rear bumper there are 4 vents that are not sealed after a while it runs down by the rear light and in behind these air vents I took my bumper off and did it myself if you go onto utube it shows you how it's fixed hope this helps
  12. Hi can anyone tell me have they changed the h7 55w headlight standard for a aftermarket h7 100w bulb brighter white. They say due to the wattage change in the bulb you may have to upgrade the wiring has anyone experienced this thanks........
  13. Hi I have a 2012 plate mk3 focus mine does the same thing not very loud but goes away I've always put it down to the oil getting round the engine then goes away after a couple of mins I've had my car for 5 years and it's always done it hope this helps
  14. Hi does anyone no where I can get a rear boot ford badge mk3 focus the original ones are to expensive and require taking half the boot lid apart to change I've heard they do a gel overlay does anyone no where I could get one I've tried ebay but they say only for St model or not original blue thanks