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  1. sorry, typo! Meant to say, don't want to shell out £300 ...
  2. Hi, thanks for the replies, Not sure about the funny nozzle, ha! But it must be contagious if that’s what it is as I tried several garages on the way home on Friday and none of the nozzles would penetrate the silver metal flap (and most of these garages I uses regularly too). Do you have it on good authority that the metal flap on the mechanism will NOT lock with the car? As this is the complete opposite to what fords service department are saying, which is why I’m confused! Fortunately I have it working again, I think!? But fords say I shouldn’t be able to push the metal flap in whilst the car is locked, this should lock as an anti-syphon device, which is why they say it is probably broken and will cost £300 to fix!! It doesn’t look or feel broken but as I’m not sure what it did previous to the problem experienced. I have no idea what to believe. My main concern is that i don’t want it locking up again when out and about and I need to fill up, but obiously do want to shell out £300 if it's not necessary! Which is why I wondered how a 'normal' fiesta of similar age behaves? any help very welcome
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help with a problem I’m experiencing with my fiesta’s (59 plate) internal fuel flap (not the door, as I hear that does stick after a while, but the sliver metal internal flap). Went to refuel on Friday, but found it was stuck shut.The petrol fuel nozzle just wouldn’t go in, therefore couldn’t fill up. Asked a passing AA man at garage to take a quick look and he promptly agreed, it was shut tight, but didn't want to force in case of damage. Luckily had enough petrol to get home and didn’t use the car over the weekend, expecting to take it to the local garage to be looked at this morning. However, had another quick fiddle, locked and unlocked the central locking, nothing, but then had the bright idea of using my petrol can hose to prod about a bit and it suddenly gave in and opened!! I haven’t used any brute force so almost sure it’s not broken however the reason for me posting is to find out if any one else has experienced this? Also, does anyone know if their internal metal fuel flap can be pushed open when central locking is activated? Ford tell me it should lock when the car is locked (mine doesn’t), however as I never has any reason to test this before I’m not sure if it ever did ... and fords are saying it will cost in the region of £300 to be fixed!! So if there are any fellow fiesta car owners who would be so kind as to let me know how their car behaves, I’d be eternally grateful, as I think the alternative of wandering round my local car park hunting for and testing other fiesta’s fuel flaps, may not be the wisest move! Many thanks in advance Sam
  4. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    Hi Just read the original post and not surprised by fords reaction. I have a 59 plate fiesta and over the past three years the many problems I’ve experienced have always resulted in fords trying to wangle their way out of doing the necessary work under warranty Typically as it’s just out of warranty, yesterday I discovered this problem you speak of whist filling up (or trying to) the petrol cap door was difficult to open. However, once I’d managed to over come that, worse was to come, the metal flap inside was completely stuck shut, the fuel nozzle just wouldn’t go in! AA man came to my rescue but couldn’t fix it, luckily I had just enough petrol to get home! Phoned Fords this morning to be told, if it’s what they think it is then it’s a £300 job! Has anyone else experienced this metal fuel flap problem. Read somewhere that ford were aware of this back in early 2009, yet upon clicking the link to find out more, the whole piece was in German!!
  5. Thanks for the reply. Have had a look at possible adjustments that I could make but it doesn’t appear so. Will need to give dealer another call. Shouldn’t have to tho’ it’s an obvious fault in the manufacture or design!
  6. Really pleased with my new Fiesta Zetec (Mk7), however I have noticed a common problem, the rear back lights are not flush to the bodywork. The top half lies flush but further down I can actually get my fingers under and in between the gap! Only noticed whilst cleaning it. It has gone back to the dealer since I bought it (for this and a few other problems to be sorted out), but I was informed, this was the norm!!! They couldn’t do anything about it at present but the dealer would speak to ‘head office’ I’m not happy! Has anyone experienced the same problem. I have inspected other Fiestas (having got some strange looks) and noticed that from the rear the right is always worse than the left (on most cars). I did notice someone here mention this problem something ago and commented upon a leaking boot, however no one seemed to respond to the query. So I’m none the wiser. Would be interested to know if it is a common occurrence and whether anyone has had any luck with having it fixed. Sam